Mar 15, 2011


This project should have been completed by now.   Having to rip out the heart flowers and one peacock tail counts as a game delay doesn't it?   She switched tail colors on me!  I made the mistake of looking at the design - not the chart.  Then I got my symbols mixed up - again not checking the chart - and did the wrong color on the flowers.  I'm anxious to move on to my new Stacy Nash or the Blackbird design so I should complete this soon.  I read a lot of stitching blogs and they all seem to have WIP's.  I actually didn't know what that was at first.  I have never not completed a sampler before moving on to another.  I would get frustrated and either change the stitches, the #$%* border (which I always saved for last), or just set it aside for a few days to prevent its violent demise, but always completed it.  That's odd considering I have never completed a house project.  Is there an acronym for completed projects that never met their frame or stuffing? 
CAF?    Completed Awaiting Frame/Finishing 
CBU?   Completed But Unfinished
CAP?   Completed Abandoned Projects
SBU?   Stitched But Unframed/Unfinished
CBNFBSIP?   Completed But Not Finished Because Stitcher Is Procrastinator
That's what I have.  Are they technically WIP's?  

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pjrusty122 said...

beautiful colors. i still say linen would kill my eyes. i've been doing a couple schoolgirl samplers. that way mistakes don't matter. then i can cover the aida up with hot coffee and instant coffee for darker spots. lol. i know, aida(eek) patti(pjrusty)

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