Mar 11, 2011

Not again

This is certainly a winter to forget.  I thought they were exaggerating when they predicted this, but just in case, I went to the cemetery yesterday.  Today marks 10 years that we lost Dad, and I wanted to set a new candle.  Hope the torrential rains and winds didn't extinguish it.

So here's my progress.  Slow.  And no closeups!  I changed 613 to 833.

There are so many great blogs of meticulous stitchers. I love to drool over Glenna's perfect stitches and photos.  Her selections and colors are eye candy for sure.  The buns are a plus.  The new blog from In Stitches is really nice.  Lots of photos and info which really helps someone like me - a girl without an LNS.  Yesterday's mail brought me a few goodies I ordered from 1-2-3- Stitch.  I was so surprised at the size of the chart pack!  Love the designs.
I also coffee stained and sewed the last project into a little pillow.  I just used my usual batting, then I used a steam iron to flatten it and get rid of the puffy look.  

I chose a fabric to pick up the brown instead of the house color.  Well, that's it.  It's still snowing.  Hub is a little upset about the snow blower.  I use those cheap rag rugs to throw on the walk and porch to prevent falls.  I just broom the snow off and the texture gives footing. We had a long runway of them when BJ was having difficulty walking and when they were thawed and wet, they cleaned her paws. Well, seems he forgot about one, and it got sucked up into the blower.  It's all tangled in there so I'll be fighting with scissors and utility knife, plus a few choice words.

1 comment:

Siobhan said...

Wow, snow again?! Yikes. Sorry to hear about the anniversary--I know how hard they are.

I love the way you did your pillow. Nice progress, and love the stash!

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