May 26, 2011

Memorial Day

I have photos of WWII vets saluting the flag in their old uniforms, the rifle with helmet in empty boots, flag draped caskets saluted by fellow soldiers, and I don't know which are copyrighted and don't want to infringe on that.  This photo has been emailed to me many times, so I will use this.  All of them are equally heart wrenching, and the military deserve our thoughts and prayers this weekend, and every day.

I haven't been stitching for a number of reasons, and I hope to be up to it this weekend.  I did the finishing on a little sampler that I stitched in 1991.  About time wasn't it? 

This was almost white - not sure if it was Lugana or Jobelan, but I stained the crap out of it with my coffee, and now I love it!  I almost tossed it because of the bright colors and light background, which isn't my style.  Glad that I didn't.  And I should note - if you use your steam iron to steam 'n smash, make sure you have a scrap of muslin/fabric on top if it's coffee stained.  The coffee will get on the iron and have to be scrubbed off. 

I also found a little Peacock pillow from Ewe & Eye that I'd forgot about.  I have a lot of Santas to be finished into ornaments, but I didn't work on those.    No staining on this one except to the fabric back.
 I did get my geraniums in pots, and thought I would show you how I pot.  Probably nothing new to you, but I don't have much else to show!  I go to the nursery and purchase the cheap large black pots they use for shrubs since they aren't seen in the crocks and baskets.  Putting packing peanuts (re-used every year)  in the bottom of the pot, saves using a lot of potting soil  (I use Pro-Mix), and keeps it from getting too heavy. 

I just throw the peanuts in, or some times bag them in plastic bags.  Cover with landscape fabric or newspaper, put a tray in to hold a little water (or not), and add your soil.   Use them year after year and just add fresh dirt when needed, and new plants.

I re-use aluminum pie pans and cut the sides down low so it doesn't hold too much water.  Doesn't matter if you put it under or on top of the lining.  Once it's filled, I trim the top off and it can be used year after year.  I put small 4" pots upside down in the bottom of the crocks to lift the pot to the right height.

I plan on posting my Rootin' Tootin' Bean Salad tomorrow on the other blog.   I'm not a bean girl, but this salad is SO good and great to take as a side dish. it all yourself and avoid public appearances.  It's red bell pepper, onion, celery, canned lima, garbanzo, navy, black-eyed peas, and black beans, with a sweet sour dressing that's very easy to make.   It's got crunch with the moosh.  That's it.  I'm in need of a fried donut.  I froze a dozen on a cookie sheet, then wrapped individually, and they are coming out SO good when they hit that hot hot pan.
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.
Remember and honor those who serve and those who have fallen. 
See you next week!!!

 ADDED - Click here for the Bean Salad - it's really good!


Mouse said...

love your finishes :)and how you pot your plants :) I use polystyrene too when I get some in the bottom of my tubs :0 i like how you do yours though too :) hope you get your stitching mojo back more :) love mouse xxx

Margaret said...

Is that your front door? Pretty! (In your header pic) Love your finishing -- you also take very nice pictures. :D Nice potting tutorial too. I don't do much with plants, so it's good to know for the future if I ever do. So there's a use for packing peanuts, huh? lol!

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