May 20, 2011


Hello everyone.   I've been working on the computer for the last two days.  Wireless router, printer installation, scanner, and file transfers kept me busy.  If I knew what I was doing, or would have kept notes and setup DVD's from the first time, it would have gone smoother and quicker this second time around.  This afternoon I sat on my swing (no rain!) and looked through the charts for my next project.  I'm pleased and a little surprised at my increase in enthusiasm.  It's not what it was years ago, but I also don't expect it to be.  But hey - any increase is a step in the right direction.  Isn't it strange how the desire to grow the stash pile doesn't wane?  Even when I wasn't stitching, I was still looking, and still buying.  After going through what I have I realized that the pile is no where near what it used to be.  I gave away, burned, and EBay'd a lot.  I have boxes of Shepherd's Bush and Prairie Schooler from my friend that I will Ebay, and some other nice charts that don't interest me.  Anxiety set in for a moment thinking I am low on inventory!!  I purchased Sheepish Designs Sarah Pope and SL's Bliss & Hinkley yesterday online.  The two SL's I will do - they're small - but I will never stitch Pope.  So why did I buy it?  It was cheap and I wanted it years ago.  But really, why am I (we!) still looking and wanting charts that we may never get to?  Stitchitis?  Not for me - I know I won't ever stitch them. The thought of it becoming unavailable at some point and the mad scramble to find it?  Maybe.  For me I think it's just having it in hand, the possibility of creating it, studying the chart.  Whatever.  I have a wimpy stash.  So here we go with possibles...but first I want to show you two new finds. 

 This new basket is almost 30" x 14" and perfect for all my dried fruits.  As usual, I get all excited, bring it home, and don't want it anymore.  I'm such an indecisive goof. 
Next is a heavy wool blanket from the antique shop.  I have no use for it, but couldn't pass up the wool for making pillow/pincushion backs, or maybe trying wool applique/penny rug designs.  Not sure if I'm sorry I bought this yet.

Now let's get to possible choices.....
Scarlet Letter - Sally Fiske - on 30 count 20" x 21 1/2"
Cross, rice, eyelet, chain, buttonhole stitches
Homespun Elegance - Lucy Redd - 30 count 19 34/" x 18 1/4"
Cross, rice, eyelet, straight stitches
Scarlet Letter - Ideal Landscape - 30 count 24" x 10 3/4"
French knot, cross, eyelet, satin, stem, back, queen stitches

Scarlet Letter - Margaret Logan - 30 count 31 1/2" x 27 1/2"'
She's a big girl.
Cross stitches only
And finally - the one that has been on my mind for a while...
Scarlet Letter - Catharine Metcalf - 30 count 23 1/2" x 31"
Cross, petit point, counted satin, backstitch, bullion knots
I just finished a small project that I ended up stitching twice with all the errors!  What the hell am I thinking?  Any of these monsters would be a real drain on my patience and could shoot my forward progress into reverse, set it on fire (my personal favorite), and out the window.
Big deal.  So I start one and decide it's too much and put it aside.   If I got through this last one without a match, I'm pretty sure that burning thing is over.  Picking the one with the least amount of specialty stitches would be the smart move.  The smarter move would be picking one of the medium sized R&R Reproduction charts.  But you know, I really do have a wimpy chart stash.  There aren't many that I like anymore.  I'll find something small again, and think about these.  Man, I hate to cut into a yard of linen and all these girls are big.  It really bothers me!  I've even gone as far as ordering linen in the cut size just to avoid cutting my yardage.  Like I said, goof.  I have the weekend to think about it, decide, and then change my mind.  But don't you think I should spend the weekend online looking for some new charts to fill in the monster to peanut gap?   Did I hear you shout a resounding YES????  Oh wait, that was me.  


Chris said...

Great basket, it looks great with the dried fruit in it.
I love all of the samplers. It really is hard to pick one. I think that you are approaching it the right way. If I get stuck doing too many specialty stitches I will put a piece down. I get tired of eyelets :(
Have a great weekend!

Sylvia said...

I love the choices of samplers - I vote Lucy Redd ( really only because I want to see her develop - she is on my list LOL)
Your basket is fabulous.

Mouse said...

ooo great basket and wool blanket .. good find :)love all the charts you bought think the Lucy Redd one and the Catherine Metcalf are my favourites out of the bunch ;0 love doing speciality stitches :) enjoy and of course you have to buy more stash (ps email me with your ebay addy hehehe ) love mouse xxxxx

Siobhan said...

I love that basket with the dried fruit!! I've been wanting to do that for my kitchen table for a long time.

I love all the samplers, but of course I think Catherine wins out for me. I do love Lucy Redd, too.

Margaret said...

lol! You're so funny! I know that feeling. I see all these small projects that I want to stitch and what do I end up stitching? The mega monsters. lol! I love all your choices for sure -- especially Catherine Metcalf. I think at least 2 of your choices are in my todo list. I believe I own 3 out of 4. lol! I have a huge stash. And yes, stashitis is a catching thing. Definitely got to have it if it's limited, right? :D

Love that basket! And the blanket -- nice! Even if you just use it as is, it's so pretty! I think it's a great purchase. I do think once we get our finds home, lots of times the passion for them isn't as strong. I guess it's that "I want" thing? Dunno.

Joanie said...

Love your new pattern and I LOVE Lucy Redd. I think that your basket of dried fruit is an idea I'm going to steal!

If you are passing out your ebay address please send it to me too! I have an ENORMOUS stash and I love to fill out my Prairie Schooler collection.

I enjoy your blog very much.

Joy said...

What would we do without our stashes? Love Lucy Redd and am so happy that it is one I finished!

Beautiful blanket and basket!

Happy Weekend...

Deb said...

You are so funny. As I was reading this, I thought you were talking about me! LOL Although I've never given my stash away, but I honestly should. I know that I won't stitch half of what I have, but yet I can't get as brave as you and Ebay it or anything.

I love all the choices you picked for yourself. Do you now that The Ideal Landscape sampler is my oldest living WIP? I started it back in 1988 and still haven't finished it - probably because it was a kit from SL and I didn't like the linen. Perhaps I should pull it out and finish that baby up.

I love Lucy Redd and I think that you should do that one!!

Jo Ann said...

I just finished the Lucy Redd Sampler and she is awesome done. I had her on a floor frame and worked on her more or less at my leasure. I worked on gifts and other smalls, but gave good time to Lucy. She was worth every minute. When I started her I wanted her to be close to the original size ( which I had seen her done in ) and kind of lost my desire because she was 28/2. I HATE using 2 strands and since 36-48 is my favorite she was a challenge to me for that reason, but after she was done I am in love. We recently bought a new couch and the colors are all in Lucy, so we think she will hang over the couch after she is framed. I don't think you will regret picking her. She will do you proud.Still loving your blog. Thanks for the laughs-especially on the latest Stacy. I have that one on my to-do list. We shall see. I have begun my Christmas gifts. I usually have 10-12 to do. Hang in there- Jo Ann

Nicole said...

I vote for Ideal Landscape. I just love that design!! :)

Suzanne said...

I love the basket and all that dried fruit!

What wonderful designs, I can see the dilemma. My choice would be Catharine Metcalf, it's such a beautiful sampler.

Anonymous said...






Tempus fugit said...

Would you sell your Lucy Redd chart to me if you don't need it anymore ? I love this sampler and I can't find it in a shop...

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