Jul 12, 2011

Another little finish!

Wow.  I'm moving right along!  Still haven't picked a project but I'm miserable with my neck problems so I decided to play around a little more.  I'm beginning to think that the Pear chart is responsible.  I was so tight, my shoulders felt like they were up by my ears.   My first attempt at that count, and then being over one, was a little much.  My stitches kept ending up horizontal and slipping behind the linen threads, and I had to keep readjusting or removing.  I'm just not experienced enough to be comfortable so the tension in my neck area could have contributed, or even caused this.  Anyway, here's today's work.....

I have two magnifiers, each a different power, so I put that number on the first pouch.  Usually the glasses have the power stamped on the stem, but these do not, so I thought this would help.

That's it.  At least I'm stitching!  And I now have something I like to keep my glasses safe.  I really like these little projects.  Maybe I'll stick with my freebie folder and keep making smalls for a while.   It's certainly not too early for stitching Christmas ornaments, and I should try to paint a few Santa boxes.   THAT will really cause some tension!  Haven't painted in years except for one or two and I really enjoy it, until the fine details start getting to me.   I'll wait until my neck is better, which I hope will happen.  Doc said it can get worse in a short time or stay as is for a long time.  Anything to delay surgery around the spinal cord is top priority!!!  

I would like to start getting rid of my inherited charts and Jobelan fabrics plus a few small items (and beads!) and hate to take it all to Goodwill again.   Do you think posting the fabric on a different blog and only charging for postage is a good or bad idea?   I have a yard or two of Klostern too.  I think I will make a chart listing with one price for any chart (cheap!) and keep it there until they're gone.   No samplers....maybe one or two.  Prairie Schoolers will probably go on EBay.  I'll see.  I'm sure there are stitchers who use Jobelan and do projects other than samplers.  But where are they?????  HELLO!!!  Can you hear me now???  I don't have many followers and the viewer numbers aren't great either, but maybe one of you know someone who could use the items.  I'll let you know when I have an inventory list. 

That's it.  Time for chocolate and Advil.  Have a good week and stay cool.  Thanks for taking the time to read!
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