Jul 12, 2011

Another little finish!

Wow.  I'm moving right along!  Still haven't picked a project but I'm miserable with my neck problems so I decided to play around a little more.  I'm beginning to think that the Pear chart is responsible.  I was so tight, my shoulders felt like they were up by my ears.   My first attempt at that count, and then being over one, was a little much.  My stitches kept ending up horizontal and slipping behind the linen threads, and I had to keep readjusting or removing.  I'm just not experienced enough to be comfortable so the tension in my neck area could have contributed, or even caused this.  Anyway, here's today's work.....

I have two magnifiers, each a different power, so I put that number on the first pouch.  Usually the glasses have the power stamped on the stem, but these do not, so I thought this would help.

That's it.  At least I'm stitching!  And I now have something I like to keep my glasses safe.  I really like these little projects.  Maybe I'll stick with my freebie folder and keep making smalls for a while.   It's certainly not too early for stitching Christmas ornaments, and I should try to paint a few Santa boxes.   THAT will really cause some tension!  Haven't painted in years except for one or two and I really enjoy it, until the fine details start getting to me.   I'll wait until my neck is better, which I hope will happen.  Doc said it can get worse in a short time or stay as is for a long time.  Anything to delay surgery around the spinal cord is top priority!!!  

I would like to start getting rid of my inherited charts and Jobelan fabrics plus a few small items (and beads!) and hate to take it all to Goodwill again.   Do you think posting the fabric on a different blog and only charging for postage is a good or bad idea?   I have a yard or two of Klostern too.  I think I will make a chart listing with one price for any chart (cheap!) and keep it there until they're gone.   No samplers....maybe one or two.  Prairie Schoolers will probably go on EBay.  I'll see.  I'm sure there are stitchers who use Jobelan and do projects other than samplers.  But where are they?????  HELLO!!!  Can you hear me now???  I don't have many followers and the viewer numbers aren't great either, but maybe one of you know someone who could use the items.  I'll let you know when I have an inventory list. 

That's it.  Time for chocolate and Advil.  Have a good week and stay cool.  Thanks for taking the time to read!


Margaret said...

Very nice -- and so clever to put the power of your magnifiers on the case! I have that problem -- for some reason none of my magnifiers have that number on them so I'm constantly forgetting what power I'm using. Oh well. As for your neck problems. Ouch! I had neck problems a few years ago. Not fun. I assume someone told you about how to avoid having your thread go behind the linen threads on over one? If not, ask me and I can find some links for you. There are definitely methods for over one stitching that help you avoid those threads disappearing. The stash -- can't think of anyone offhand, but I'll think about it and direct them to your blog if I think of someone. :D

Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

adorable idea! I just found you through Thread Gatherer and will be following! I would love see your listing, I adore stitching, would also love to see what you put on ebay!! Anyway, love the pocket!

samplerlover said...

Love your pockets for your magnifiers. They are really nice. I hope this link helps you on the best way to stitch over one and stop the threads disappearing. http://www.twistedthreads.com/missives/stitchover1.html
Sorry, I live to far away to be able to help you with your excess problem. It would cost a fortune in postage lol.
Pains in the neck and spine are no fun at all. I also suffer from them as well. I find the best way for me sometimes is to give the stitch a rest for a few days. I find continually looking down doesn't help at all.
BTW I love your clove studded pears. Do you put other spices with them while you wait for them to go hard. I did one a few weeks ago and it really soft of me. I put it in a brown paper bag with cinnamon powder and orris root powder, but it has come out all caked over the whole cloves. Love the smell though. - Sandra.

Andrea said...

Very cool little project! I've never heard of doing that with those little strips left over (and I always save them, ha)! You're very clever!
Sister, I know all about the neck/shoulder problems from stitching, etc. My vise for that is BioFreeze, I order it by the gallon from Ithaca Sports (online). Even still, now I'm getting tendonitis in that arm (the one attached to the bad part of my neck). I'm thinking of going in for a cortisone shot to see if that helps, have heard that it does. Anyway, back in the day, when I was BIG into over one, I'd get these horrible neck problems that lasted for days, took me a while to figure out what was causing it. Boooooo!!!
Hope you're feeling much better soon!
Love your blog :)
It's perfectly acceptable to post things for sale, I know of several bloggers that do this, and have bought from them too, lol!
Good luck!

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Oh - seems to me you need a little friendly stroke this morning to soothe your troubled brow. I am so sorry about your neck pain,I hope it goes away soon. I love your stitching, its beautiful. I would buy from you, anytime. I have become a follower. Please have a happy day. Irene xxx

Joanie said...

Marly, sorry about your pain in the neck. Post your stuff on a separate blog and advertise it on your main one. It's not hard. Promise. A lot of stitcher's have done that. Then there's Etsy and Ebay...or you could just post that you have inventory and will email a list with prices and postage to anyone who wants it. I've used all 3 methods to sell stash. Works great, just takes some time. Love your magnifier cases too. Check out the twisted thread website for stitching instructions over one. I use them and never had a problem with lost or slipping thread. This method eats up a lot of floss though, so plan accordingly.


Carol said...

Hi Marly--just found your blog and stopped in to say "hi!" I'm also from PA--near Pittsburgh.

Love your little pockets--very cute solution for storing your glasses. And I'm sure you'll sell stuff by advertising it on a separate blog. I use Jobelan myself for many of my ornaments and over-one stitching. And I definitely stitch more than samplers :) I really love stitching small things the most--guess I just need that quick "fix" that finishing a cute ornament or little pillow offers :)

Hope your neck feels better soon!

Patty said...

I love these! I just found your blog through the Freebie Gallery blog and after seeing this and your sampler bag, I have to see what else is here. I love your work so far.

Patty said...

P.S. I hope your neck pain is gone soon.

Lyn said...

If they are out of print Prairie Schooler charts, you should do well with them on ebay...there are two I've been looking for for a few years but the bidding always goes pretty high on them (or the auction finishes when I'm at work and I'm outbid!) Good luck!

Gabi said...

Love your magnifier pockets. Gorgeous. Lovely stitched and finished.
There are some tricks to prevent the thread from slipping when stitching over one. Personally I do it by changing direction depending on how the lower woven thread runs. http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2113822500102227941VEeYxh
Your Prairie Schooler charts should do very well on Ebay. I bought quite some of my collection from Ebay and the OOP ones weren't cheap.
At times Ebay has a week were you don't have to pay fees for charts. Which is ideal then for what you can't sell on your blog. Same goes for the fabric. :)
Crossing fingers that you'll find for everything a seller

Sweet Sue said...

Ohhhhhhhhh nice, I stitched this too, was a great 'lil stitch huh!

Here's mine:


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