Jul 11, 2011

A little scrap project

Hiya.  I went outside to feed the birds this morning and felt like I was walking into an atmospheric hot flash.  So I decided to play around inside, even though my right arm is numbing from my neck problem.  I guess the work is catching up with me.  I used to make these in the old days for stitcher's gifts or anyone that wears magnifiers.  You know those long skinny strips you have left from cutting (AUGH!) into your linen yardage?  They're only a few inches wide and very long, usually too small for an ornament.  I made magnifier pouches with them and decided it would be a very quick project, and I could use another pouch.  Instead of a peacock or another little freebie, I stitched the eye chart I will be gazing at in a few days at my doc's.  Just stitch your favorite little design, or personalize with initials, cut a piece of lining, iron on fleece, fold it, sew the sides, and voila.  I some times would use a button on the flap and a cord to wrap around a button on the pouch, but decided to add a little square of the lining for a self stick velcro dot instead.                      

This is Amber 28 count and after that piece of work fruit that I just completed, this was like stitching a piece of burlap with a cord.  I can certainly see now why stitchers using the higher counts stick with them.  It was really weird and I kept thinking I was going over too many threads with too much floss. 

All I have left to do is attach the velcro dot on the lining and I'm done.  Such a quick project - nice to have several ready for quick gifts (if you have friends and aren't a stick in the mud bitch like me), and a nice project to use up your linen strips.  I also made these for the short Line-a-Timers.  You know what?  Since I was making these 20 years ago, you probably have too, and this is another instance of my living in the old days and telling you something you already knew.......................Never mind.
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