Jul 18, 2011

My little sampler and a big mess

Hello everyone.  I just posted the list of fabrics on a separate page and if you click the "fabrics for postage" link under the blog header it will take you to the result of the most confusing day I've had in a long while.  At least a week.   I hope it goes smoothly but menobrain can't figure out a better way to do it.  So until I am enlightened by your blogging expertise on multiple give-aways, I will keep the page as is, and notify you if there are any changes.  Technically, it's not a give-away since you have to pay for postage.  It's more of a rid-away. 

Here's my little sampler which would have been completed if it wasn't for the rid-away mess. 

 My husband said "why don't you just throw this stuff away?"  Well, I hate to throw anything away that someone may use, and I've frightened enough Amish women with my "please take this" in parking lots.  Sell it?  More trouble than this.  Ebay buyers can get nasty some times and I have not thoroughly examined this fabric, can't specifically state the color name, and listing each one would be a real pain.  I guess I could have listed them in boxes like this.  Hey.  I could have had some new stash money!!!  That's another example of the word "menopause".  Many times, there is a pause in reasoning, manners, correct usage of the English language, and memory.  Memory is the fun part.  When I found out I was receiving a package in the mail, I was excited.  Two days later I forgot all about it.  A week later I was reminded of it and I got excited all over again.  When I finally received it, I got distracted and left it in the garage on the way back from the mailbox.  A week later, I found it!!!  I had the pleasure of that new chart excitement THREE times!   I guess today the mental pause has cost me a few bucks.  Nah!!!  I'm teasing.   I want you guys to have it.  Even if you don't want it. 

Look who came to see me today - the baby!!! 
I'm not seeing the raccoons as often during the day because the babes are out of the nest.  This old mama only has one but she's training her to come to the back door for their treats.  I know it's a odd picture but I didn't have time for another - two cups of coffee were causing a mad dash.

I want to thank you for the sweet and thoughtful emails I've received.  Unfortunately, many are set as no-reply on Blogger accounts and I can't respond since your email isn't on file.  So if you haven't received a note from me thanking you for your wonderful encouragement and compliments, it's because I can't, not because I don't appreciate you.
 It's been really hot in PA and will continue all week.  It's high temps for this area, but other states are having it much worse, so I hope you are staying as cool as you can.  Hard to believe that summer is half over.   Please put water out for wildlife if possible.    Remember, if you have any suggestions for me, please email!!  Thanks for reading, have a good week, and eat a piece of chocolate before it melts.
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