Jul 20, 2011

One hell of a day

Good day to you!  Hope it's going better than mine.  It started off with a bladder infection.  I got an appointment with my doc and after giving my specimen, tried to close my pants and the zipper tab came off.  I tried pulling the zipper closed with my fingers which worked until my skin got pinched and as I yanked away, the thread that was in the area yanked too, taking the button it was holding along with it.  Thank goodness for safety pins tucked into wallets, and men's T-shirts that are long.  Yes, I buy men's T-shirts.  They are longer, looser, better fabric, cheaper.  I hate the tight skimpy t's for women.  Roll the sleeves up, put on some bracelets, and you're good to go.  So the pins held, the t-shirt covered the mess, all was well.  Until I got home and tried on the new white t-shirts I just bought at Penney's.  I had just gathered laundry and put on an old crappy bra since I was washing my regulars.  Standing at least six feet from the mirror and using a hand held mirror to see the t-shirt from the back, I see this black spot moving around my upper back.  OMG.  It has to be a big spider, of which I have an irrational fear.  I'm hitting my back with the mirror and checking and it's still moving.  I've got to get this shirt off and as I'm removing the shirt over my head, it disappears.  OMG.  It's in my hair.  I felt something moving at the nape.  Now I'm pounding on my head and neck, not knowing where it is, and actually getting goosebumps on a 95 degree day.   How do I get this dead or alive out of my wild hair?    Husband is on the golf course.  No one around.  I can't see the back of my hair close enough to check!!  The vacuum!!!  I wheel it around and use the hose to suck him out of my hair while hanging my head down.   When I was done, I looked in the mirror and felt a picture for my cousin was in order.  She always gets a laugh at my hair. 
And yes, my hair can stand up by itself.   As you can see, I am still in my old bra, not even thinking of putting on another t-shirt.  My mind is still on this creature I hopefully sucked into a crowded dust bag.   Hey - I hear the UPS man coming with my new jacket.  YAY!!!  I run down the stairs, answer the door, with this hair and this bra.   I guess I'm still having a problem with distractions and short attention spans.   Not as bad as this presentation, though.  I don't think I can ever top that scary sight.

I am thinking of using this little sliding box for my tiny sampler. 
I can keep remote controls, or tablets and pens, or a small stitching project in this box, and it can stand on its side and look like a standing frame too.  The box itself is 9" x 7 1/2" and the opening is made for a 5" x 7" photo.  This sampler is also made for that size frame so it fits perfectly. 

I will probably paint and distress the box instead of staining and sealing, maybe line the interior with something soft.  What do you think?   The way things have been going today, I will wait till tomorrow to start the finishing.  I'm just sayin'.

Have a good day - stay cool - be thankful for creature free hair.
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