Aug 31, 2011

Another box

Hello everyone.   I haven't started a major project yet and thought about doing something with this paper mache box.  I have several since they are inexpensive and I really like the shape and the hinged lid. 

I used linen band - one of my favorite quick stitch choices - but I haven't attached it to the lid yet.  I covered the box with fabric and tried aging it by sanding the fabric edges and corners and overdid it - not too happy with the result - so I may either do another box or ????  I made the closure button from knotted hemp.  The more I look at it, the more I dislike it.   In fact, I should be embarrassed to post this but one of the perks of getting older is being pardoned for your mistakes. 

I received these 100% wool throws and wondered if I could throw them in a vat of dark dye to blend the bright colors into a darker plaid.  I've never hooked but would like to try other projects with applique or penny rugs.  They're pretty thick so I don't think felting would be a good idea. 

 But what do I know.  I put my 10 bags of Dove chocolate pieces on the second floor because I checked online and found that 50 calories are burned  going up and down stairs.   One piece is around 40, so thinking I was outsmarting my hips, this was a great plan.   The calories I consumed were burned to get one!  Then why was I still gaining weight?  Surely eating 10 pieces a day didn't matter since I made a separate trip upstairs for each one.  Wrong.  I checked again - the 50 calories was for 5 minutes of stair climbing, not one trip.  Calories consumed are way ahead of calories burned.
I also have another new friend. 
He is very large yet very thin and cries so loudly as he walks around the yard and the woods.  It is so different and haunting.  I don't know why, unless he is missing the idiots that disowned him?  So along with his pregnant girlfriend (who he looks for and stays with as much as he can), I have an un-neutered male to be fixed.  Black, white feet, neck and unusual solid white whiskers. 
I'm very very upset that it's September since I am a summer child and I hate watching the leaves clutter the yards warning of the oncoming cold.  Especially with my bigger than expected hips.

A project needs to be chosen tomorrow, even if it's small.  I'm not feeling the love lately.  I started a Halloween design but couldn't do it.  Following a design without the letters and layout of a sampler was not enjoyable.  What about my Santas?  I need to try one of them and see if I have the same problem.  Everyone has stitching slumps but I know myself well enough to know how easily I can lose interest.  Maybe that's why I didn't really put an effort into the box.  So is it a slump or a waning desire?  The project I choose will tell the tale.
Talk to you soon...thanks for visiting! 


Gabi said...

I like your box. To me it looks like a very old and worn box.
LOL about your chocolate.
Ahhh....your new friend is cute. Seems that he found himself a good home. What about his girlfriend. Does she have at least owners?

Argante said...

This box is wonderful, and the cat? So lovely!!!


Siobhan said...

Your box looks great! I'm sorry to hear about the slump. I've felt very 'ehhhh' about stitching lately & need to snap out of it. I think it's the time of year, as the seasons change and so on.

Bless you for taking care of the cat. It makes me so sad to see the way people treat their pets.

Chris said...

Hey Marly,
I hope that the stitching slump leaves soon and I wish that I could send you some of the warm weather here. I would be happy if I could live in a place that was fall all year long.
The box looks great. Stop beating yourself up!
Hopefully will be a better day. Poor kind of you to take care of them.

Penny said...

I really like your box. That's funny about the chocolate-I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle with sweets period! I get so angry over irresponsible pet owners!! I think these two are very lucky to have found someone to care for them. Thank-you! Hopefully your stitching slump won't last long.

Edgar said...

I think that box looks super!! Sorry about the slump. It is great that the kitties shave found you.

Suzanne said...

I like the box, it has quite a nice aged look to it. How kind of you to take care of this cute cat.

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