Sep 2, 2011

I'm OK with it

Greetings!  First off, the box from the last post was not burned but is in need of major repair.  The stitching was saved and stuck here...

Now for the big news.  A major breakthrough to announce - I'm cutting my linen yardage.   Yes, I know, it's a ridiculous eccentricity of mine but it will be no more.  Soon.  Some time today.  Before midnight.  After my shower, before my cholesterol reducing drugs, when Frazier is on, right before Golden Girls, unless I can't find the right scissors.  NO!  I'm serious, really it will be today.  All those years ago I used nothing but unbleached/natural, which was included with my Scarlet Letter kits, and I continued to purchase.   What's making this task easier is....I'm not as crazy about it as I used to be.  Several smaller pieces are marked Sandstone, Antique Tan, Tea-dyed, Golden Streak, and I'm liking those warmer tones.  The darkest of the natural with be slightly lightened with a bleach bath, and then stained or dyed if necessary to get a pleasing color for these monsters that I am going to kit...

 Lucy is still in the running, but I think she's out gallivanting with Ann Wragg.  So why did I choose such large samplers?  Good question.  Maybe doing such a time consuming project will keep me on track, instead of having to search through linen pieces and charts for the next project, trying to make the decision that never comes.   I'm wasting a lot of time and the longer I am without needle, the harder it is to pick it up again.  I also remember a comment from a few months ago about using an unfinished sampler in a standing hoop, as a display.  So if I start a monster and fail with the stamina to complete, I will use this great idea.

Small projects like these Santas, will keep me stitching during breaks from the large sampler's tedium.   Most of my Santa ornaments are on sage Jobelan so I may continue with it instead of linen.  Yeah I know, I gave away bunches of it, but I still have a few pieces.

I also wanted to mention trims and cords for hanging little projects/ornaments.  Keep in mind I only have one local store and trims offered are more for upholstery and drapery.  Most of the time I use hemp cord or jute, but it's not appropriate for everything.  Trying to find something small in black was impossible so I turned to shoe laces.  The braided lace is heavy enough for a seam trim or hanger, the flat cotton can be dyed, navy blue and dark brown are available too which is hard to find in trims.   Another option I use is 100% cotton candlewicks.  Yep.  Candlewick.  
Very thin, soft, and flexible as a hanger for a tiny project.  
As usual, you probably already know this. 
Today and tomorrow will be pretty hot and muggy so I'm going to sit outside and enjoy what will soon be over.    My mind has been on a wonderful peach dessert with a cream cheese topping.  Very easy to make and so good.  And the ice cream bars that are coated with crunchies and coconut.   Oh my. 
I hope you all have a great weekend, long or short, hopefully with dessert, and thank you once again for visiting!
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