Aug 6, 2011

Cheap scissors and progress

Hello everyone.  I really expected to sit and stitch all day this week, but it didn't happen.  I only had an early morning doctor appointment and the day was to be mine.  Well, as usual, I have something weird.  It's never good when your doctor looks at you and says "what the hell is THAT??", but I already knew it to be nothing.  I googled it.  So I explained to her what it was, the name of the condition, that it is benign, but why I have it is a total mystery since I don't have the cause which is a serious condition.  Nevertheless, she sent me for testing for two days so my days of stitching on the swing got sidetracked.  I'm fine.  She is still baffled and not dropping the issue, but I have.  Going back to the hospital that put my dad through the most horrible weeks of our lives, brought it all back.  I was pulling my stitches so tightly, that I could see my wrinkled thighs through the stitching holes in the linen.  Which is what I have to show you...

I'm really enjoying this sampler.  It's a easy stitch, just enough alphabet, and the motifs are big enough to not be constantly changing needles for new colors.   If I don't have any other distractions and loosen my tension a little, I should be done this week. 
Take a look at what I found at Altmeyer's.  If you don't have one near you, it's a towel and curtain  and bedding store, some seconds, some not.  These were on the counter and I snatched two pair.  Sweet!!!
Here's how my rusted paint can is doing, and another that is new this year and just starting to rust.   If you save your cans, make sure you save the lids too.  You can tin punch designs in them, set them outside to completely rust (or spray paint them before they do) add candles inside and hang them on the 3' shepherd's hook with the lids on.   Hot glue the candle to the bottom or you can add some sand, but you don't have to unless you get really high winds.  Brand new clean cans can be purchased in most paint departments.

Husband - "where's the leftover salmon loaf?"

Stray cat - "I'm full.  Think I'll take a nap".

Have a good week everyone.  Temperatures are supposed to be diving this week.  Hope the stock market doesn't follow suit.

Thanks for visiting!!


Chris said...

Hey Marly,
I am sorry that your stitching plans got sidetracked but I am relieved to hear that you are ok.
The sampler is looking great. The colors are really different.
I hope the rest of your weekend is relaxing and that you have some quality stitching time!

Margaret said...

Ok, that's sort of freaky for your doctor to do! Glad you're ok, but what a bummer that it stressed you out and you lost your stitching time. I love your project though -- it's really pretty! Love your rusty can and flowers too. (Silly stray cat, eating your food! lol!)

Glenna said...

Love the cute scissors and the sampler. AND the salmony cat. I haven't had salmon loaf since I was a kid.

Melissa said...

That sounds very odd for you to have to tell your doctor what's what! Glad to hear you're ok.

That's a lovely sampler you are stitching - is that Sheepish Designs? You've got a great way of re-using those paint cans. They look great!

Mouse said...

ohh dear .. re the sidetracked bit,, dr's never believe you do they ...and ooooohhh she is adorable and have you named her yet ???? love mouse xxxx

Bertie said...

Docters don't know it all! Good to hear your fine now, but keep an eye on it:))
The hanging cans are fabulous, great idea, especially the rusty one!
The sampler is lovely:)SD are wonderful and have a lot in my stash but never get the time to stitch them.
Yes that cat is lauging now lol.

Gabi said...

Oh that must have been creepy when your doctor reacted that way. Glad that it turned out to be what you thought it would be in the first place. :)
Love your sampler it looks gorgeous.
That cat looks cute. So do your scissores

Argante said...

I love everything here: stitching, cat, scissors... this is really a lovely 'home'. Thanks so much for your kind comment :-)


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