Jul 31, 2011

New start...little finish

Hello everyone.  I'm sitting outside enjoying the summer which seems to be flying by.  Hard to believe it's August!   I loved that little "witch" chart from The Primitive Hare so I had to stitch it right away.  I changed the letter placement somewhat and moved the loop to the top.  Why?  I don't really know because I love everything about her design, yet mine is different.   Her idea of the snap clip is what I'm having so much fun with and I intend to buy a bunch in different colors and sizes.


The project I started is France F. from Sheepish Antiques, for three reasons.  One.  Ann Wragg is still missing.  I remember reading the instructions with parts I wasn't too happy about.  She may have sensed this and knowing my affinity for matches, booked out of here just in case.  Two.  The EB sampler I decided to start was also no where to be found.  By the time the new project was started, she showed up in the scanner where I left her from the last post.  Three.  I found this piece of linen and it is the perfect size for the copy of France F. that was on the floor under the hutch, living with the dust bunnies.   This piece of linen could be 28 count, and I don't know what the stitch is that I used on the edges, but since I try to come up with different ways of displaying samplers, this will work nicely.   Kind of putting the cart before the horse isn't it? 

 The sampler is about 15" on 28 count.   Of course I should stitch the border side to see if it will fit but will I?  Probably not. If I had doubt I would, but I'm sure it will fit.
 I don't ever remember using a lot of lavender in samplers, but that doesn't mean I didn't.  This shade of 3041 is very nice and I changed it to 3740 for the letters.  Just a little darker - I didn't want the flowers, border, and adjoining letters to be indiscernible.   It worked out to 16 threads on each side before the fringe - whew!

This is the border stitch and I will have to try my best to identify it (I'm a basic "x" girl) since I will have to complete the bottom with the same.  I plan on hemming the top selvage edge and running a wire through, curling the ends, and pinning to the wall.

Elizabeth Moor was also on the short list but the entire verse is over one, except for the first letter of every word, and there are lots of errors reproduced that won't be much fun.  Regardless, I really like the design and I love the verse....
"Time is fleeting, life is a span, make of youth the most you can"
and further down...
"Arise thou sluggard, go to the ant, consider her wars and be wise.

My favorite of her sampler..
Virtue alone has that to give which makes it joy to die or live,
While vice can only that supply which makes it pain to live or die.
I think I may do this verse alone over two and have it finished to hang on a door or cupboard.  And I learned a new word.  Sluggard.  I was surprised to find it in the dictionary.

Remember my burlap basket ? 


I'm dealing with a new stray female cat, and all her boyfriends.  I'm getting closer to her every day, and my husband wants to know what happened to the chicken that was in the fridge.  I hope to gain her trust before I run out of chicken.

That's it.  It's getting really dark out here and I need some treats so I'm heading in.   Other than a doc appt. I plan on sticking to my swing and stitching a lot tomorrow.  It's my kind of sampler - a little primitive, all simple cross, 28 count, easy to handle.  What more could I ask for???   Have a great week everyone!   Thank you much for reading.   Witch........over and out.
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