Oct 30, 2011

Decision, change, finish!

Hello everyone.  I finished the Redware design and have been screwing around with trying to finish it ever since.  I didn't like any of the red fabrics because they didn't seem to make these beautiful colors pop.  So I tried a dark brown sueded piece and although there isn't any dark brown in the design, I loved it. 
Then I found the large rick rack in a color called carrot, and it matched the floss perfectly.  But I'm not a rick rack girl.  Been there, done that, changed it.  "Stick with what you like!"  So the rack is for another project, but I still like the dark brown.  I used it for the backing along with leather lacing for the strap.
Wasn't happy.  I felt it needed to be bordered by the brown and framing it would have been the way to go.  Too late. 
 So I took it apart and went with my original choice.   I didn't know if I should use a light or dark lining.

When I spotted the hanging Nash design, I realized that the darker linen I used did nothing to show the wonderful thread colors.  So I chose the lighter and ended up with this, not knowing if I will attach the hanger.
I needed to make an appointment with my seamstress to tailor several blazers and asked her about finishing small pillows/ornaments.   I'm going to take them along for my visit, but I doubt if she will be interested.  She gave me a few tips during the conversation and will certainly be more helpful in person.    Most important she said, is to use a very stiff interfacing to fit directly inside the seam, not in it, to create a crisp edge and smooth face.  The stuffing is then not the determining factor in shape, especially in the corners. The one I use gives body but doesn't really hold or create shape.  I hope to get more tips from her, and I'm sure I could find several methods on the web.   Following a professional's advice, may save some time.  What would really save time is her agreeing to sew them!  I've finished smalls using different methods but I would like to learn a technique that makes it easier and neater.
Lucy received a few more stitches and I'm picking a new project.  Either a small sampler from Scarlet Letter or Coverlet Birds from Scarlett House.  I saw Sampler Farmer's new Webshots and really liked Heartstring's Harry Tyler's Lion.  It's funny how a chart doesn't hit you when seeing it online, but snaps your socks when you view it stitched.   It's now on my list.  The new list.  I can't find the other.  I hope to finally get all these charts scanned and listed on Ebay.  I don't know what's worse - the computer problems, the scanner failures, or the return of the flashes.   If this continues another couple of days, leaves won't be the only things burning. 
Have a good week, and I hope the bug that's going around bypasses you and loved ones.  Thanks for visiting!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your stitched finishes are lovely, I hope your seamstress is able to help you with your finishing.
Good Luck!

Sweet Sue said...

Love your Redware, after all ~ red is best!

Mouse said...

ooo love your finish ... sometimes half the fun is figuring out how to finish the finish :) love mouse xxxx

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Congrats on the finish! I think it looks great. I agree, the brown really does set it off nicely.

Penny said...

Your Redware finish is so pretty and I agree, the lighter linen brings out the colors nicely. I love the backing you chose too.

Bertie said...

The redbird is gorgeous!! congratulations. I also love the pear bag:)

Suzanne said...

What a gorgeous finish on the redware piece!

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