Oct 23, 2011

Shades of red, oldies, and goodies

Welcome!  The sun is out!  Of course it won't last but I'm taking advantage of it and working outside today.  It won't be easy with the brace but I'll give it my best effort. 
I'm loving this PA Redware from Carriage House.   What I didn't realize was the color similarity to my persimmon linen.  DMC's 3777 is almost exactly the original color, which is now toned to a beautiful shade which also matches well.   I'm thinking of looking for another Redware inspired design to do in reverse colors on it.  

 I haven't worked on Lucy since removing her from the frame ... still too difficult to hold that much fabric.  I'm surprised that my wrist/thumb isn't much better even though this is very restrictive.
 We made a stop at my favorite James Creek Galleries yesterday and I found so many items I would like.  Wool pumpkins, gourds made into acorns, beeswax items, lots of goodies.  I came home with this small wall shelf.  The old book on it is etiquette from the late 1800's on speech, Womankind, young people, dress, personal habits, and public.  The entire book begins every paragraph or rule with "don't".  Very interesting.

We also visited another store where I purchased the two fabric pieces in the bottom shelf, and these candle jar holders for attaching to the wall.  I got two of the heavy solid holders - LOVE them.  And I bought the open strap holder for my sister.  I already have this style and it certainly is handy when kids or cats are around.  They also come in the small and medium size but I always buy the large jars. 
This little old box was found in my husband's grandfather's basement years ago.  Another blast from the past, made in Pittsburgh.  Interesting to see the directions in different languages for the immigrants, which all of our grandparents were.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    And last in another boring post with only a small project related to stitching, is what I found in a box upstairs when I added green Santa.  It's my to be finished pile.  Glenna made a statement that was very eye opening to me and two words said it all.  Indecision=paralysis.  Absolutely. 
There is no doubt I am a procrastinator, but most items sit because I can't make a decision on fabric, piping, trim, stuffing, etc.  I realize now that this is my bigger problem so I'm still kitting projects to prevent that stitching lull when choosing a new start.   It takes a while to decide on supplies, but once done, there is no hesitation nor reason to delay stitching.
I'm heading outside now and the sun is gone already.  Our leaves are strange this year.  We have completely bare, colored, and still green, all at the same time.  
 Enjoy the week and thank you for visiting!


Mindi said...

Beautiful reds, and that persimmon linen is gorgeous. I can't believe your pile of to be finished items, all those gorgeous santas in there! But I really shouldn't say anything, I probably have a small stash of to be finished items as well, I'm just not as organized and they're spread out over a few areas.

I hope your hand starts getting better soon.

Margaret said...

I love all the eye candy in this post! But not your poor hand. :( Hope it's feeling better soon.

Dottie said...

Just found your blog and I am in love with the first post---adore all kinds of redwork. After seeing your hand problems I emphathize with you totally. I am 65 and after far too many years of holding a hoop in my left hand I have developed tendinitis of the elbow and arthritis forming now in the thumb to wrist tendon. I dislike using a frame or a floor stand and after much searching I have discovered the age old solution of a pin frame. To my understanding this was first used in crewel work, but I have used it for crewel, surface embroidery, redwork and cross-stitch very successfully. Basically it is a wooden frame of any size you need for your work. It is padded and then covered with cotton muslin of your choice. You simply pin the fabric you are sewing on to the frame sides with large quilting pins. Pins go from the outside of the frame to the inside and are caught up in the padding and you are rarely poked! It keeps the fabric tight and can be re-adjusted in a moment. It is exceptionnaly light, you stitch leaning it against a table edge, chair arm or even your knee and best of all you can hook it into your crooked arm and you do not need to use your fingers or your thumb to hold onto it. So especially right now as you heal it allows you to stitch without re-inflaming the tendons. I hope you will try it as it really works and apologize for the length of this post.

The Evening Stitcher said...

That DMC red, 3777, is among my favorites..infact..I just dug it out of my stash to start a Christmas sampler by Stacy Nash. I love all of your treasures...especially the old box..how fun! Hopefully, you hand will get better sooner. I love reading all you posts!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Very nice. Love the color!! Dianntha

Penny said...

I definitely love that persimmon color. I'm all for etiquette, but I'm not sure I would like all of those don'ts. :) That Santa on the bottom right is so pretty!
I'm hoping your thumb/wrist begins to heal soon.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

How cool is that, the linens and floss matching redware color? I love it.
The jar candle wall holders are a fantas-
tic idea, I could use them with the cats
here. The big fluffy one always lights his
tail on fire right in front of us!
It must be very painful for you to stitch.
I hope your pain eases.

Solstitches said...

Your CHS redware piece is gorgeous.
Love those old canisters and had to smile at the tea for hemorrhoids!
I feel your pain with the hand problem.
I have arm/shoulder pain that is probably caused by too much stitching over the years.


Bertie said...

Love your Red ware bird and the persimmon linen compliments it! Sorry to see your hand still poorly, hope it gets better soon!
Love your stitchery’s, I am intrigued by the house :))

Elaine said...

Hi...just recently found your blog. I think we must be "neighbors" because - OMG - my favorite shop is James Creek Galleries too! I've been visiting them for years! Love your PA Redware from Carriage House. After reading your blog post, I'm definitely moving it up on my "to do" list.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Love that red! It's looking so good. Sorry about your hand. I hope you feel better soon.

Sherry said...

Love the reds! All those Santas are wonderful. Can't wait to see them finished. I hope your hand feels better soon.

The Scarlett House said...

I want to go shopping with you, Marly! Great finds. I stitched PA Redware in the black linen version and it's still one of my favorites. Maybe I'll try a little designing around a redware theme since I can't get enough of the stuff either.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Your pieces are beautiful! What is the name of the piece in the lower right corner (old man in snow)and the angel in the top center with the big wings? Your antique piece is amazing! Hope you are all better soon...

Carol said...

That's quite a pile of finishes waiting patiently to be finished, Marly! I have no doubt you'll find the perfect fabrics and trims for them--your finishing is always gorgeous.

Love the reds and that adorable bunny sitting next to the one candle holder :)

Hope that hand feels better each day...

Siobhan said...

I hope your hand is better soon! I had to wear braces like that for a few years when my carpal was really bad. I still have flare ups when I eat something with a lot of preservatives.

Love your PA Redware piece! I stitched that a few years ago but wish I'd used a more tan linen. Your ornaments and smalls are all fantastic!!

Your finds are great--I'm still chortling over the hemorroid tea.

Chris said...

Hi Marly,
I like your new hand gear. I hope that it helps and you are better soon.
You have picked up some lovely new treasures.
I have a pile that needs to be finished too. I usually plan on just working on finishing in November and that has worked to help me clear the pile the last couple of years.
It is wonderful to have new projects ready to go. It is always great to start something new :)

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