Oct 23, 2011

Shades of red, oldies, and goodies

Welcome!  The sun is out!  Of course it won't last but I'm taking advantage of it and working outside today.  It won't be easy with the brace but I'll give it my best effort. 
I'm loving this PA Redware from Carriage House.   What I didn't realize was the color similarity to my persimmon linen.  DMC's 3777 is almost exactly the original color, which is now toned to a beautiful shade which also matches well.   I'm thinking of looking for another Redware inspired design to do in reverse colors on it.  

 I haven't worked on Lucy since removing her from the frame ... still too difficult to hold that much fabric.  I'm surprised that my wrist/thumb isn't much better even though this is very restrictive.
 We made a stop at my favorite James Creek Galleries yesterday and I found so many items I would like.  Wool pumpkins, gourds made into acorns, beeswax items, lots of goodies.  I came home with this small wall shelf.  The old book on it is etiquette from the late 1800's on speech, Womankind, young people, dress, personal habits, and public.  The entire book begins every paragraph or rule with "don't".  Very interesting.

We also visited another store where I purchased the two fabric pieces in the bottom shelf, and these candle jar holders for attaching to the wall.  I got two of the heavy solid holders - LOVE them.  And I bought the open strap holder for my sister.  I already have this style and it certainly is handy when kids or cats are around.  They also come in the small and medium size but I always buy the large jars. 
This little old box was found in my husband's grandfather's basement years ago.  Another blast from the past, made in Pittsburgh.  Interesting to see the directions in different languages for the immigrants, which all of our grandparents were.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    And last in another boring post with only a small project related to stitching, is what I found in a box upstairs when I added green Santa.  It's my to be finished pile.  Glenna made a statement that was very eye opening to me and two words said it all.  Indecision=paralysis.  Absolutely. 
There is no doubt I am a procrastinator, but most items sit because I can't make a decision on fabric, piping, trim, stuffing, etc.  I realize now that this is my bigger problem so I'm still kitting projects to prevent that stitching lull when choosing a new start.   It takes a while to decide on supplies, but once done, there is no hesitation nor reason to delay stitching.
I'm heading outside now and the sun is gone already.  Our leaves are strange this year.  We have completely bare, colored, and still green, all at the same time.  
 Enjoy the week and thank you for visiting!

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