Jan 10, 2012

Batting, bargains, and brains

Hello everyone.   Hope you're having the wonderful whiteless winter that I am.  I haven't been stitching, just ordering!  It certainly takes a long time to view all designers online and even then you can't possibly see everything you would like to order.  My "want" list of projects that I've seen on your blogs is still missing so I just browsed and placed orders for what I saw, assuming the list would appear soon after.  Nope. I am really pleased that I found the elusive BOAF Gold Santa to complete my series of four.  I'll show him as soon as I get him! 
I went to JoAnn's today because I ran out of the fill I use only to find it's no longer available.  The wall area had large bolts of batting so I checked them out and found exactly what I wanted.   I'm not keen on loose fiberfill and lumps.  This is a smooth and dense thermal bonded quilt batting 48" wide.  It's a thick even density and perfect for the envelope method, cutting the edges on a slight bevel.   I purchased the 7 ounce and 9 ounce, so I can use two layers, or just one, and it is really nice stuff.  I may still use the loose fill in the corners first but between the stiff interfacing and this dense batt, I doubt if it will be necessary.
I also bought these see-through envelopes to store the interfacings with the instructions for each type easily readable.  I got tired of searching for separate instructions (some are steam, some not) and wondering which I was using. 
I visited James Creek after Christmas and got what I thought were some real deals on a few items.  These metal candle holders were only $5 each!

The reason I haven't started the new sampler is mainly because of working on the sampler labels for my boxes.  I wanted to have them on Etsy by now, but my goodness it takes hours and hours to get the changes and sizing right.  The other reason - I can't find a postage scale!  Not even Staples has any in stock and my local post office has none at the time.  I need to figure weight for the various sizes for shipping charges.  I tried ordering through Amazon and the same settings that prevent me from leaving comments on some blogs is also preventing me from viewing Amazon.    I think I will take a break tomorrow, choose a linen color, start the sampler, and grill a few donuts.  
I need to make a few extra $$$ to feed my herd.   Hard to take a decent photo at dusk through a window!  There are three over on the left by the trees.  They eat shelled corn and 2 loaves of white bread daily.  No wheat or whole grain!  Only white, even bagels and pita bread.
  A note on the stuffed cabbage.....I was reminded by readers that there is another method.  Core your cabbage and freeze the entire head.  Whenever you decide to make the dish, take the cabbage out to thaw a few days in the fridge or overnight on the counter.  The freezer softens it and there is no need to boil!  Just carefully peel your leaves and roll.  Much easier.  But of course, I forgot!  Oh wait.  That reminds me.  I've been wacky since menopause but this memory thing is getting bad and worrisome.  I did some investigating and found a technical report on how your body uses and needs cholesterol.   Your brain is only 2% of your body weight but contains 25% of your cholesterol.  It affects memory and if you are interested you can read the reports here.  I started a statin 5 months ago, the first month it reduced my numbers by 70 points.  Maybe it's now too low, and even though doctors are not pharmacists, they usually dismiss side effects.  Every body is different and therefore no drug reacts the same in each patient.  I am definitely checking into this. 
I'll be back tomorrow (if I remember) with Random Generator's winner.  All the names are randomly assigned a number and then one will be drawn.  Tomorrow is the last day to enter, so go to the previous post and leave your comment!  Have a good evening.... 
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