Jan 11, 2012


Hi all! Here's the Random Generator's number assignment to the 37 participants, and the number drawn out of those 37....... and it's Peggy Lee!

She was hesitant about being the first entrant, but everyone is mixed together for the drawing so it didn't matter.   Her blog is Kentucky Sampler, so maybe we'll get to see the finished bag one day.  But of course, no pressure Peggy Lee!
I started on the Woodlawn piece tonight with help from Lauren.  I had much difficulty re-charting and trying to determine which yellow was which shade!  She sent me a photo of her finished piece and it really helped.  After all that, I decided to change the color in the border to a brown vine instead of the gold, with all green leaves instead of green and beige.  I got one side completed, and then ripped half out because of a major error.  Not a good start!  I chose a darker unbleached linen.  Well, let's tell the truth here.  There is no piece of linen in my cupboard that is the same as I received it.  They have all been bleached, dried, dyed, bleached again, dried, stained, dipped again, dried, shrunk, pressed, and stored.  Poor things.  The only ones that are untouched are the small pieces of the linen I love the texture, weight, and color of which probably isn't identifiable or made anymore.   I did accomplish something I had planned for today without incident....

Straight from the freezer to hot pan, quickly making a thin crunch of glazing....oh baby.  Almost makes up for the border incident and the fact that Woody Wood****** is back.  Obviously, he's done with football season because he's making the hole large enough now for a basketball. 

This chart has nothing to do with anything but I found it in the linens tonight and think he's a cute fellow. 
 He could be pretty handsome on a nice shade of linen.  I gave away a bunch of these designs with my Ebay sales, but somehow he managed to hide and stick around.  I'm glad he did.  I get rid of too much and then I'm sorry later.

That's it for now.

Enjoy the rest of your week, stay safe, and thank you thank you to new followers! 
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