Jan 29, 2012

The boat people

Hello everyone!  The sun is out, it's not snowing, the rain is over, and I'm finally having time to stitch.   The boxes are all completed and packed - I really hope you will be happy with them.  I know it's hard to purchase from a photo so I appreciate your confidence that they will be worthwhile. 

Not much progress since I've been busy, but I have done a little stitching and should finish the motifs this evening on the Woodlawn (Virginie Cochepin).  I have to say, I've seen a few ugly Adam & Eve figures, but this armless big white woman gives me the creeps.

  Can't wait to start the alphabet, which I prefer to stitch.  I know it's boring, but it requires less patience, a virtue I sorely lack.  Another would be restraint.  I ate an entire bag of Bliss chocolates this morning.   It seems when I'm busy, concentrating, relaxing, moping, crying, distracted, sitting, driving, cleaning, sewing, stitching, painting, blog watching, shopping online, or watching TV, I grab one.  Only those times, though. 
I was gifted with the chart I have been waiting for - Overshot Heart - and I so love it and plan on starting it as soon as Black Santa is completed.  I will sew it into the heart shape instead of framing.  Maybe do a few in different colors and sizes.  Just love it.  Thank you gifter!

A few other things you may not be interested in.  I've made several of those standard benches we all see but decided I needed a place to keep the growing collection of recipes so -
this one has a hinged lid with file hangers.  When I worked in the doc office, we had so many magazines for the waiting room and I copied thousands of recipes.  This is what's left and I need to sort and rid this pile again.  They are categorized of course!
When I took apart my samplers to photograph, I was surprised to find this..

Do you see the marks on the glass where the floss was touching?  It's pretty dirty in there, even though they had the back dust cover on.  Just to show you it's all inside, I made an X on the inside of the glass.  Granted, I smoked like a chimney for years and although I quit over 10 years ago, these were on my walls at that time.   Would that be the cause?  I'm sure it doesn't hurt the sampler, but I found it interesting.  So if you are cleaning your framed glass and it never looks sparkly, this may be why.
This little devil is the one that tore into my hand.  She's in the cat condo styrofoam cooler, napping with her mom.  They are both pregnant I'm sure, since there were several males attacking them a few days ago.  I have to take them in within two weeks and will use a net and gloves if I have to.

Finally, there's this..
Just what I need after a bag of chocolates.  But, there's always a bright side - I am so hyped up right now that I should be able to dust and sweep the entire house in record time.  Greek stew for supper is already done so I will be stitching away shortly!
Have a great week everyone!  Thank you again for visiting and another thank you to new followers.  I have a one year anniversary coming up, and if it wasn't for the encouragement I receive from you, I would have given up long ago.  I can't tell you how much this experience has helped me regain my stitching mojo, and also lift me out of the grief fog.  But it hasn't helped a bit with menopause - so people ..... work on it.  Sooooo......
does this mean there will be a giveaway?  We'll see!!


Glenna said...

Love the armless Eve, who looks as if, even armless, she could still pick up a rolling pin or a shovel and whale away at those creepy little sailors.

Glenna said...

Love the armless Eve, who looks as if, even armless, she could still pick up a rolling pin or a shovel and whale away at those creepy little sailors.

Glenna said...

Ooops. That's what I get for being impatient and hitting "send" twice because I think nothing is happening.

Deb said...

Love the armless Eve, but makes me think that this is a pirate ship?? And they went around hacking off body parts. Why does Johnny Depp come to mind? Anyway, I love your armless Eve and the piece too.

Oh, it's good to see a fellow recipe cutter. I like your method much better for filing, although I'm getting better. I pulled yet another stack up from a box and categorized them and now we're eating our way through them. If they are good, I put them in plastic sheets and into a binder. Much easier to find them.

I know the only sampler I've ever had marking on the glass was because I used non-glare glass and the floss has imprinted itself on the glass. You can see it even though I haven't taken it apart. I probably never will now for fear the floss will come off on the glass.

Beth said...

I too thought a Ghostly Pirate Ship! Am looking forward to seeing it as you continue stitching.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
You're making great progress on Virginie. I, too, prefer alphabets over motifs. I actually went to a cross stitch shop yesterday about an hour from me. Big shop and lots of models stitched up, but not much that I would ever stitch. I did pick up one little freebie chart that I've started to stitch and some smallish pieces of linen. There's just not enough time to hook, let alone stitch or punch :)

Shirlee said...

Personally I think life without your blog would be pretty mundane! You make me laugh all the time ... menopause misery (even menopause memory misery) loves company I guess : ) And who would've started me down that slippery PS Santa slope if you hadn't been posting them right & left during the Christmas season? You fulfill a purpose my dear : ) Oddly enough I was just wondering why my motivation seems to have taken a vacation without me recently. I have to literally force myself to get started doing anything! Then I read about your chocolates with a pie chaser & decided that was it ... no sugar for such a long time. I know I've got some sinfully sweet stuff here & there so I should stop rambling on & go find it! And here I go! Blessings, Shirlee

Bertie said...

Your "Boat People" are fabulous Marly! Beautiful chart, probably oop by now. Now what do you mean by making those benches, yourself?? Fabulous and very handy indeed.
I have learned to frame my samplers so they don't touch the glass, that way they will stay nicer.
How nice to have so much chocolate to eat and that pie!!
Glad to hear we make you cheerful:)

cucki said...

aww cute..i love your boat people so much..
cutie kitty..looks like my maloo :)
have fun xx

Laurie in Iowa said...

Hmmm... the armless Eve is a bit creepy. Interesting discovery about the sampler glass.

Mouse said...

hehehs she's not armless just got her hands behind her back .... good luck with catching the kitties ... and nice heart you got there ... and well done on your years blogging and glad we could be of help :) love mouse xxxx

Chris said...

The big white woman on the boat is kind of scary, but over all the sampler is looking great!
I hope that the cat wrangling goes well :)
Some days it is really easy to eat a whole bag of chocolates, I try not to buy any because I will eat the whole bag too.
I am curious about the Greek stew. Can you share the recipe?

Margaret said...

I love your Woodlawn piece!!! The colors are wonderful! The big lady without arms is a bit weird, but whatever. :D Interesting about the glass on the sampler too. Ew! Good luck with grabbing cats. Greek Stew? What Greek Stew? I'd love to see the recipe. :D

Melissa said...

I love your Boat People! You are doing so wonderfully with this piece - it's full of such fun colours!

Penny said...

Good evening from a fellow menopause victim....the latest symptom being insomnia. I never had problems sleeping, but I'm up all night anymore. Hot flashes constantly, I'm living in 95 degree weather year-round, and keep fans in several rooms of the house in order to cope. :/

Anyway, love your stitchery -- the colors are just great and it is a wonderful pattern. My first thought about Eve was that she looked like a snow-woman, and if you think of her as that perhaps she won't seem as creepy.... :)

So sorry I missed out on snagging one/two of your boxes! I really loved them!

Good luck with the kitties!!

Siobhán said...

ROFLOL at those people on the boat! The uh, sampler boat people. They kind of remind me of those day of the dead people that you see in folk art. LOL I love it! I prefer funky to picturesque.

Good luck with nabbing the kitties!

Carol said...

I don't know--those boat people kind of look like they're making the armless woman walk the plank or something! What a fun piece, Marly!!

An entire bag of Bliss chocolates in a morning--wow! And I thought I was bad :)

Love your filing system (well librarians always love any kind of organization!) and that pie looks mighty scrumptious...

Always nice to visit with you, Marly :)

Keeper of the Crowes said...

This is one of the most interesting Adam and Eve pieces!!! Looking forward to seeing your progress on it and Black Santa, as well. I really admire your organization of your recipes. Something I desperately need to do. Hope you have a stress free week.

Loraine said...

I love the pirate ship! LOL. I agree with Deb, that perhaps they have already started hacking off body parts. It's a great piece, and I made a note of it so that I could maybe stitch it one day. I do something similar to your recipe collecting, except mine is sampler collecting. I copy off pictures of things I like, and I have a whole file of them. Problem is, when I want to stitch many of those things, the pattern is no where to be found. :)
I am sorry I didn't get one of your boxes. I procrastinated too long I guess. I'm glad you sold everything. I'm sure they will be well loved.

Kaisievic said...

It does indeed look like a pirate ship, Marly. I, too love your blog and I know how you feel menopause-wise -not much fun is it?

Keep up your blogging, we all love to read it.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Isobel -Argante- said...

Hihihihi, is creepy and funny! I love your BOAT PEOPLE!
Have a lovely week Marley :-)

Del said...

Hi, I come to your blog to see your finishes - they inspire me. And it's okay to eat as much sugar as you like after you reach a certain age. That age being a number of your own choice. Menopause- I do battle with the Horror-mones daily including insulin, adrenalin and cortisol. Food and stitching and maybe online shopping are the only answers to the malady.

Suzanne said...

Love the idea of the bench for storing your recipes. I had been putting mine on the computer for many years, but had collected so many recipes that evenyually I had to toss boxes and boxes away because I had nowhere to store them any longer.

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