Feb 3, 2012

My underwire is rusting

Geez.  I had a few weeks of not so sweaty sweats, even after eating an entire bag of chocolates, and then yesterday....whammo.   Drenching, soaking, makeup running, palpitation producing, grab a towel flashes.  I don't have a boulder holder.  Mine is more of a pebble perker, and it's a good thing the underwire isn't metal or I would have rusty pebbles.  Enough of that crap.  On to stitching.  Well, more than that.
See that little gold vase bottom left?  Guess how many times I ripped and redid.  Two?  Four?  Nope.  SIX!!  No problems or frogs with the entire bottom until that vase.  Then the square before the alphabet had one side done three times.  Now you know why I'm not further along.  I'm really liking the color change to 632.
  I took one of my oldest samplers apart and take a look at how bad the inside glass was.  Look at the clean spot!!  Isn't that amazing.  No wonder I'm always saying that framing behind glass obscures the stitching!!  My glass is filthy! It sure looks great on the wall now.  Surprisingly, the rag was not yellowish which would indicate smoke and some pieces were framed after I quit.  
I've decided what my year anniversary offer will be - Samplers and Santas!  The first will be several older sampler designs, more challenging (with instructions for learning new stitches), and an introduction to silks kit from Kreinik.  The second will be Santas, offering three Prairie Schooler leaflets of the man in red.  I will post about it in a day or so with photos as soon as I decide how to have two offers at the same time.  Some of you may be interested in the santas only, or samplers only.  I need to think.  This is what helps me think ---- stash of a different kind.
Do you remember when I thought that 50 calories were burned walking up and down steps?   Well I still keep the chocolate upstairs in my craft room cupboard , even though I found out it would take 20 minutes of those steps to wipe out one piece. 
We've been having such wonderful weather and it was warm enough the other day to wash the car in just a sweatshirt.  This is the menoride. 

Can't remember where you parked?  No problem.  Not sure which of those silver mid-size is yours?  No problem.  At which store in the plaza did you park?  No problem.   The menoride - no longer will you look foolish wandering the parking lot in tears and sweat.  You know exactly where you parked with one glance.  I looked at this car on the lot and said "what goof would be seen in that?"  and then two weeks and 49 flashes later this goof drove away in that yellow bomb.   At the time, I was taking care of mom and couldn't leave her for too long so it served me well, saving time and frustration.  And now, I need it even more!
I also scrubbed an old tool box that I had planned to use as a display.  I wanted to stand as shown here, and install shelves on the right side for smalls, and hang a long piece on the left lid side.  It's in such bad shape that I probably won't.   And here's a pic of a deer munching on a hot dog bun.  No one believes they eat white bread!
I also wanted to remind you of another wonderful freebie from The Primitive Hare here, and she is also having a fun contest here
So I will be back in a few days with the offer. Wait a minute.  Many of you are accomplished 40 count stitchers with impressive stash and probably won't be interested in these charts.  And since many of you are like me and not interested in fancy stitches and "nice" looking pieces, you may not be interested either.  Hmm.  It's not easy to think of designs that would have wide appeal.  A sampler box instead?   Maybe that's too primitive looking!   Once again, I confuse myself by the end of a post.  Or not.  I'll be back in a few days with the offer, whatever it may be!
Thank you much for visiting with me -
hope your weekend is a great one.


Faye said...

hmmm.. let's see....Yes, that armless woman is indeed spooky! Old yeller will certainly not get lost in the sea of silver cars in the Walmart parking lots of this world....I cannot wait to see what you pull out for your giveaway... I gar-un-tee it will be a hit!

Now I'm off to clean the glass on all my samplers!

Take care, Faye

Carol said...

Marly--you crack me up!! "Pebble perker"--have to remember that one :)

Your sampler is looking grand--sorry you had that little vase problem. Isn't it weird how one little motif can cause such problems...

Oh, that's a tool box--I thought it was a coffin!!

And don't fret about your giveaway--I guarantee there will be people who would love whatever you offer...

Shirlee said...

Another entertaining post : ) I hope the flashes subside again for a while. Blessings, Shirlee

Julianne said...

Oh, gosh! Is that what I have to look forward to?

I think your stash of Dove is great! I've managed limit myself to one dark per day. I used to treat myself to one every time I'd take the dogs out. I changed where I stash them.

Maybe your giveaway could just be chocolates? I think those have a pretty wide appeal.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

I can totally relate on both the frogging of such a small motif and the yellow car. My first car was that color and several cars later, it still my favorite. I'd appreciate anything you wanted to give away!!

Margaret said...

lol! You crack me up with your descriptions of the joys of menopause! I still can't figure out if I'm starting the dreaded M word or not. One thing for sure -- the darned period is still going strong. Sigh.

Love your Woodlawn piece. It is sooooooo gorgeous! Too bad about that vase though. I've done things like that. It's so annoying!!!

So do you really call your car the menoride? lol! What's wrong with a yellow car? :D

By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh Marly, those flashes and sweats are just so uncomfortable aren't they - now I have been taking a product called 'black cohosh' it's a natural product that does help - really. I have gotten rid of the sweats but now it's swollen ankles! Our creator really did have a sense of humour eh?
I wouldn't worry abut your give away as I'm sure like me anyone would be more than happy with either choice.
keep cool ; )))

Carla said...

Hi Marly!
Your posts are always so entertaining, and I usually get a chuckle or two. Good news! Eventually, those hot flashes do go away. Bad news! It takes a few years. Love the new stitch. I would have left the vase, after the second rip out! Thanks for the share!

Krista said...

Hi Marly, What a great post. I love your stitching, even if you had to re-do and re-do it looks perfect! I am disillusioned with chocolate.. I just read the other day that to burn off one m&m you have to walk the length of a football field :( That is just not fair! lol
I also received the sampler box I ordered just yesterday! I just love it! and posted a pic on my blog for everyone to see.
Have a great weekend!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Marly ~ boy can I sympathize with the soaking sweats. I hope mine are just about over now (Several years into this meno mania).
Any of your ideas will be heartily welcomed by me!

Solstitches said...

Another great post Marly. You never fail to make me laugh :)
Love how your boat people sampler is coming along. It has character - just like your new very yellow car!


Bertie said...

You make me laugh so much Marly, I nearly spilt my tea in bed!!! The symptoms sound so uncomfortable!
The boatmen sampler is fabulous and the box too:))
Lovely deer, i wonder if my Daisy would like that, It's minus 6 here!
Have a flushless weekend!

cucki said...

aww very sweet post...
love for you xx

Mouse said...

hehee this post is full of everything from cars to chocolate and stitching in between ...lol
It doesn't matter if you are accomplished at doing 40 count or specialist stitches ... there is always something more you want to learn and stitch ... sooo count me in for either of what you decide ....lol and if you throw some chocolate in to woooo hoooo ...lol
love mouse xxxxxxx

denise said...

sure am glad i don't have anything framed under glass any more. i like it better without. good luck with the piece you are working on. Denise

Mugwump Woolies said...

I am enjoying your progress on this sampler...the colors are wonderful!
Not to worry...the flashing thing does go away...watch your caffeine intake...yes, that means chocolate:(
I'm the goof that painted her front door the same color as your car...love it!

Joy said...

Love reading your posts...nothing more to say;)

Chris said...

Marly! You crack me up!
The boat people are looking great.

Penny said...

I know I can always count on your posts for some much needed humor. :)
Love the sampler - glad you persevered through the frogs.

The Evening Stitcher said...

Funny, funny, funny..Marly! I can relate..I hate those underwires soo much! Love your stash of Doves...especially love your stitching!

Suzanne said...

Always look forward to your posts, they are good for a laugh. Woodlawn is looking great, but too bad about that vase. Those things happen sometimes and they drive me crazy.

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