Jan 22, 2012

Box update

Hey.   How are you?   Did you know today was Sunday?  I didn't.   It wasn't until I was snarling about not receiving any mail that my husband said - there never was delivery on Sunday.   I got several emails about the sampler boxes so I wanted to update.   I couldn't figure out how to do this on a blog but did come up with an idea.  I plan on posting a number and photo for each box on a separate page tab (right under the header photo) and you can view to see what is available.  When all are listed to the page, I will post the time for the sale and comments on the page will be allowed at that time.  If you want to purchase a box, leave the box number you would like in a comment ON THAT PAGE, which will also allow you to see if that number was purchased before you.  I will update the page as needed when an item sells.  The photos I took today were really poor so I will try again tomorrow.   Here's a preview so you can see if there's anything you may be interested in beforehand.

Small 4" round boxes

Tall 6" rounds and large, medium, and small ovals

Hopefully I will start the listing tomorrow with decent photos.  Please let me know of any questions you may have before you purchase.  Prices range from $12 to $25.  Paypal, money order or check is fine. 
That's it!  I'm going to stitch the rest of the evening.  Hope everyone has a good evening.  Later...
Edited to add - I didn't state the details clearly.  I will start listing the photos tomorrow and will let you know when the actual sale will start.  It WON'T be tomorrow.  Probably Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday after all photos are listed and numbered and I will post the date & time before the sale begins.
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