Jan 18, 2012

Making progress

Hi everybody.  Thanks for directing me to Mozilla's Firefox.  Quicker, smoother, and I can view Amazon.  Haven't had too much extra time to view blogs today.  I finally, after weeks, have the labels photographed, clipped, cut, copied, pasted, moved, resized, yadda yadda.  Now I have to get my samplers back in their frames with new dust covers.  So this is what I got done today..
Postage is going up on the 22nd of this month or something close to that date.  I couldn't believe what it will cost to ship these lightweight boxes!  Oh well, maybe I'm wasting my time, but I think I will create a page on this blog to see if they would sell.  Probably Friday or Saturday.

I've also been working on the Woodlawn little by little.  I had a neck flare up last weekend and the tingling in my arms is finally better.  Here's my stitching progress.
I got a few emails about the Bird's of a Feather Santas.  You can find them
here.   Except of course for the Gold one.  I have no idea why it's not carried along with the others, but I emailed Attic Needlework and they were great as usual, and had what I wanted.    I had something else to report......but can't think of it.  Oh well.  I want to get some heat on my neck and get off the computer so this was to be short anyway.   Aren't you glad???  No ramblings!
Thanks for visiting and commenting and emailing and reading and following and making a menopausal maniac smile!
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