Feb 5, 2012

Thread conversions

Hi everyone.  Just a quick note about a site that has really helped me with my thread choices.  In addition to these three designs, I'm thinking of stitching Sarah Brooke from Scarlett House, but since I never use a light linen, how would I know if the thread colors I need to order will look OK or need to be changed when I have no opportunity to view the items together?    I want Crescent Colors for Sarah and the only way would be to throw the DMC equivalents on the linen I decide to use.   I searched and found a site that helps with this which you may be familiar with.  I had searched many times for conversion charts but bookmarked this one since it has so many thread types.  The site is here, Cross Stitch International.  Scroll down to see conversion charts for a multitude of threads, and also click "convert colour numbers" to view Needle Artworks Inc. listing of threads.  All are listed by manufacturer, and clicking on a particular thread will bring up the color numbers and names within that group.  You can print these out as a chart to keep a record of your thread inventory.  Really neat site!  So I now have the conversion of Crescent Colors to DMC, Weeks Dye Works, and Sampler Threads, and can determine if the original colors will show well on a little darker linen, or choose a DMC color and find the equivalent shade in the thread of choice.  Certainly a huge help since DMC is readily available as a comparison.  Another I found for the GAST and DMC is here.  You may have other sites that I'm not aware of, and since so many of us have limited or no access to local shops, please share with us!    I have an old chart that offers two color choices, one for light linen and one for dark. 
As for the Greek Stew requests, the recipe for it is long and detailed, I keep changing it, and it's not the traditional that you will find online.  Carrots have to be glazed in butter and sugar, potatoes cooked separately, yadda yadda.    Mine is a royal pain to make. 

But I did make Calico Beans to take to a birthday party and it's another family favorite as a one dish meal, side, or take along.  Everyone has made or consumed this recipe at some point but they're all a little different.  If you want the recipe for this, it's here.
That's it.  I wanted to post these sites in case someone like me - didn't know where to find such information.  I know they aren't the same colors, but at least I can see if the blues are bright or purplish, if reds are orange or brownish, just to get an idea of the tones.  I'll be back with the offering in a day or so.   Thanks for visiting!
Edited to add - I just started checking for the colors I need and the Crescent Colors aren't up to date since what I need isn't showing.  Another site for conversion that may be helpful is here.


Linda said...

Just found your blog and love it. I became a follower and am printing out a bunch of your receipes. Yum!! Great stitching too.



Margaret said...

Thanks for the info. I'm going to bookmark it for sure. I always like to have conversion charts available. Thanks also for the recipe. It looks yummmmmy!!!!!

Melissa said...


Thanks so much for all the info re the conversions. I am sure they will make a lot of people happy!

Kaisievic said...

Thanks for the links - really helpful.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Chris said...

Cool info on floss conversions.
The beans look yummy.

Bertie said...

Lovely information on the conversions Marly thanks! Your bean dish looks great! The motif sampler is lovely although I have not stitched it yet lol, to much in the stash!

cucki said...

Thank you for the link xxx

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the link. A much better way of keeping track of the threads I have than my current method.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOVE those samplers you posted!!! I've always wanted to try one with graduated colors. That lion is awesome too!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog. Thank you for posting. FYI - the conversion charts for Crescent colors no longer seem to work. I happened to have all of the threads in question and was trying to convert some of my CC to sampler colors - many are really off. Buckeye Scarlet sampler is NOT cerise CC; same problem between Wild Oats CC and Fudge Ripple sampler - really different there too.

Sharon Kirts said...

What colors of linen do you use: I bought a number (>20) of darker Jobelan back in the day. I've recently begun cross stitching again and don't have a clue how to use these.

I have DMC. Anchor. Weeks, and Gentle Arts - surely I have something that would work on the Prairie Schooler Samplers I intend to stitch.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

ps - didn't know over dyed have some DMC equivalents. I need to use some of these babies= they were expensive. I belonged to an exchange group that was great fun.

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