Mar 15, 2012

Back to Lucy

Hi everyone.  I found Lucy and discovered several counting errors when starting the next row.  I had to tear out the dark blue horizontal border and some of the upper border also.  It all started with the I on the left edge.  In the cover photo, the bottom is three stitches wide, but on the actual chart it is five. 
I looked at the photo and unfortunately didn't catch the error until I started the vertical border and it was running into the design.  The good news - the right edge is irregular and you won't see the errors.  I won't tear out the whole line but may move a few items on the left.  
For now, I found a spot for the Overshot Heart.  The Craft Fuse is so stiff that it actually can stand on its point!  Love that stuff.  I plan on cutting a piece of tin to fit this sleeve board and nailing the edges, adding a candle holder on the little ledge.  I saw an old wood sconce made that way - the tin protecting the wood from the candle flame.

We ran into a snag on the kitchen project.  I have Schmidt cabinets and the center that carried them here, closed.  I need to order a few more so I wrote the company to find the nearest supplier.   More kitchen photos!!  These are from the Caromal Colours site showing the transformation on an oak kitchen.  This paint needs no priming and can be used on laminate cabinets too.  It's not the smooth glossy finish - more primitive, rough, aged, and needs sealed.  They also have another type that is smoother with a satin finish.
And this one shows how ordinary cabinets can be made to look like a furniture piece.  See the bottom toe kick recessed behind the bottom trim?  And the curved pieces connecting top cupboards to bottoms give the look of a hutch.  Add top moulding and you're done.  This was painted a different color than the peppercorn on the other cabinets.

And these are my brussel sprouts.  Not my favorite vegetable.  But cut them in half, put the cut side down on a non-stick cookie sheet in a 450 oven for 15-20 minutes and they brown beautifully.  Throw them in a pan with some golden raisins, a little chicken broth and these babies are good!  Sometimes I add a little sprinkle of sugar.  Of course I do.

I'm closing with this post from Sherry. She lists her favorite verse from samplers and I thought it was a great idea. Recently I read a verse that I loved, but can't remember the name, designer, or the verse!  I'm really hoping these statins are to blame and I read a current report about the new labels having to mention the fact that they CAN in fact cause a memory problem along with a high risk for developing diabetes. Of course, they say the benefits outweigh the risks.
Our weather has been wonderful and so warm.  My swings are hung and the brat cats think they're a jungle gym.  I remember writing about Lucy being too large and cumbersome to work on outside so it's been that long ago that I started her!   I do plan on a push to finish but may also start a small for outside stitching.
So have a wonderful weekend everyone, stay safe, and thank you for visiting with me!!


Patty C. said...

Great progress (despite the frogging)
Enjoyed the photos ;)

Andrea said...

Pretty, pretty! Sorry about the frogging...never a fun thing.

Love the brussel sprouts made like that, its' about the only way I can eat them anymore....which is weird, loved them as a kid.

Did you ever try the fish oils I told you about? I'm gonna say it again...girl, you need them, they help you so much and can get you off those rotten statins. Just sayin'.


P.J. said...

Lucy is beautiful, and certainly on her way. I always enjoy refurb pictures, really dig the cream color in the after photo.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Ack-five forward, two back! But it IS a lovely sampler! Have those (similar) oak cabinets, too. Not quite ready, but ponder what I'll do when the time comes. Enjoy watching your reviews. I love me some Brussels! My method of choice is to steam them, then gently brown butter and garlic with them...yum, yum - could have some for breakfast!

Margaret said...

Bummer about the frogging. I didn't notice a counting error till I'd had tons of the design stitched. Luckily, I could just move the border to match. Whew! Love how your Woven Heart looks! And that's really cool about making one's cabinets look like furniture. Such a bummer about your local kitchen cabinet place closing down though. Hope you find a good source for more.

Shirlee said...

Wonderful progress on Lucy & thanks for posting more kitchen re-do photos : ) I love that overshot heart but won't dare attempt to make one. Thanks for sharing Sherry's post : )

Lanie said...

Marly, your "Lucy" looks great...looking forward to seeing more of her. I love her colors and after I see more of your lovely stitching I know I'm gonna want her!! Enjoy the beautiful weekend we are to have in western PA!

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Hey Marly, I just love that overshot heart of yours and ran out and got the pattern in order to do one too. Now to find some time :)
Happy Weekend! It's going to be beautiful in our state of Pennsylvania.

Deb said...

I hope that you don't have to frog too much. I'm one of those people that try not to frog is I can get away from it.

And I love your discussion about the kitchen cabinets. My kitchen looks almost like the ones in your photos and I can see how much nicer it would be to get rid of my dark oak. Thanks for your email about what you did. Now I need to get hubby's butt in gear. That could be a tough one! LOL

Solstitches said...

Your woven hearts looks perfect displayed like that.
What a shame about the frogging. Haven't we all been there.
I love sprouts any way they come but yours look especially delicious.

Bertie said...

Lucy does not need to be frogged, I can't see a thing lol.
You made me laugh about the heart point!! it's a fabulous place.
Hope you find your kitchen pieces. A friend of mine did exactly that with her oak kitchen, such a difference.
Sprouts look mouthwatering, love them too!
Enjoy the warm weekend:))

Kaisievic said...

Thank you for the Brussell Sprouts recipe - I will have to try it. Don't you hate it when you have to frog?

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Penny said...

Love Lucy! Hope your frogging woes are over. :)
I love the idea of making the cabinets look like furniture - different.
The brussel sprouts look tasty.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Lucy is beautiful. Thank you for showing the Caromal Colors re-do's.
I want to use that on our kitchen and our woodwork. I hope it stays warm for you.


Krista said...

Love your stitching progress, pretty blues. The new cabinetry is beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Ha so I'm NOT the only one who has to tear out stitches. lol. I was beginning to think I just couldn't count. I've not seen to many people post about tearing out. Thanks for being honest. lol

Carol said...

Very nice progress, Marly, in spite of the frog's visit! I do love the colors in this piece!

And your heart looks beautiful--I love the way you display things... More kitchen decisions! The white cabinets look almost identical to mine... They are now 16 years old and I still like them. Now my countertops I'm sick of, but will wait a bit to replace...

Enjoy this gorgeous weekend--can you believe we are really in PA and it's March--weird, but wonderful :)

staci said...

Very pretty stitching! I love brussel sprouts! I roast them in the oven with a little olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper :)

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