Mar 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

Hiya!  The sun is shining and it will be so warm today that I plan on sitting in my swing most of the afternoon, graph paper in hand, planning the kitchen.   My hub is out fishing with my cousin and thrilled!  He loves to fish and this is the first time for 2012.  He was golfing twice this week.  He's getting close to retirement so I told him to start making more friends cause he ain't hanging around with me all day!! 

I got the Plantation Sampler from the wonderful Attic and couldn't wait to try some changes.  This beauty graced a friend's dining room wall which was a pale peach, and deep teal carpet.  Stunning.  Perfect.  I loved this sampler for years, but sold it once because I wasn't stitching much, bought it again when I visited her, sold it again a few years ago because I couldn't take the pink flowers.  How strange to love something, and then have it become almost offensive, and then love it again.  Pink.  I couldn't stand it for years after loving it my whole life.  Ch-ch-ch-changes!   Like the neon car that I made fun of at the dealership and then purchased two weeks later at my husband's lament.   So now it's Plantation Sampler Revisited.  The colors required are shown in the upper right of the first photo, and my choices are all the others.  I don't mind pastel as much as the brightness so I chose toned down shades, and I think it will be wonderful with these colors.  I could very well be wrong so I'll stitch the border first.  But let's face it...I could be loving pink in another month and it will be stitched as it should be.  At least until a sweat bomb.
And since it's the day of the green, I'll leave you with four green kitchens!!!

Now we're all probably green!
Have a great weekend, stay safe, and a big thank you to new followers and everyone else that continues to visit.  I've reached the 300 mark and thought I should do something but what???  I've given away everything I could think of including a gift certificate!  Aren't you tired of box giveaways????
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