Mar 21, 2012

Decisions.....for now

Greetings to you all.  This weather has been so beautiful!  I've been busy planning but I did manage to get some X's in Lucy Redd.


The next part calls for a border and large alphabet in eyelet and I'm happy with my progress.  Well, I'm never really happy but you know what I mean.  I changed the verse color to a darker shade and the opposite side of this will be blue so it will be fine.  Many many errors have been made but this design hides them well, no need to remove.  I love the samplers I see on your blogs with vivid borders and motifs, pastels, lighter linens, all magnificent.  I study them and they fascinate me!  But I just can't bring myself to do something so .....formal?  Is that the word I'm searching for?  First off, I have always preferred marking samplers.  Why?  Not much to them, and throw in a house and I'm hooked.   The others, like the spectacular Ann Grant, aren't technically formal, but maybe not as naive.  And why is naive spelled that way?  It should be nieve shouldn't it?   Maybe my preference is more toward the darker linens and this is what's throwing me.  I can't imagine something like Ann Grant on a darker tone but maybe something in between like a golden tan?  Well Lucy is doing just fine and I'm enjoying her.  I think Lora Turner is vying for position with the Plantation for next project. 
And here's what I saw in the yard today - the Flicker.  This is the guy that has done the most damage to the house and take a look at that beak. 
And mama cat who is now named Missy having a stretch...
As for my kitchen, what a process.  I've tried using the primitive online programs for new layouts but until you go to a kitchen center it's hard to visualize the size.
This is the area that was going to be moved to the opposite wall and a doorway created, and the back side of it in the other room. 
By moving the door opening, I am creating a short wall with an opening and continuing into a long expanse. If I wanted to put a chair in front of that window, it would be in the way of entering the kitchen. 
 I planned to move the fridge to the sink wall and the space I have is the same as this photo....
but this fridge is the price of a used car and specifically made to be installed in a custom cabinet as shown here.  Way too much money for the look.  I could do the cabinet and add the doors to my current fridge, but I think it would overpower that area of my small kitchen unless I give up driving and purchase this fridge.  The other side would have been like this..

After much wasted time, I decided with all the things that need done to the house, and furniture and accessories I would like to purchase, the extra expense of moving the opening would be prohibitive.  So for now, I am keeping the layout, adding/changing some cupboards, splurging on a few rat tail hinges, getting a new cooktop and oven, and picking a new color.  
 I just wish I was able to make decisions and stick with them instead of this constant back and forth. 
Soapstone and wood will be the countertops with hopefully a stone or copper sink.  As my husband says - that's the plan TODAY.
Don't even get me started on the bath.

That's it!  I'm headed for the shower and then picking up the needle again.  Enjoy your week,
thank you for visiting!

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