Jun 28, 2012

Eliza who?

Pumroy!  Hello all.  I chose the underdog!  Actually, I pulled threads and chose linen for both and may work on them at the same time.  Something is drawing me to her but I've already had to remove all the stitching in the top border.  Did she run into Lucy up there?  Although the wonderful chart has the stitch count, I couldn't find the total height and width numbers and I counted wrong!  Starting in the middle, I worked my way right and it was fine.  Left, not so much.  There was a fabric margin but not enough for comfort.  Will I be adding my own stitch count for borders in future charts?  You betcha.  Why didn't I think of this before, especially since the reproductions almost never have matched borders.  Here is the fabric - 32 count Lt. Mocha Belfast (doesn't look it but it had the original shop tag), and floss - which are much brighter than I've ever worked with.  I love the samplers rich in colors on light ground but they're not my usual stitch.
I think this is going to be an interesting piece to work on and I like the fact that although it is close to 30" long, it is narrow so rows are quickly completed.  If you want to see more of the piece and photos of the original, visit her blog here and scroll down to almost the bottom. 

 Another reason I chose her first is after reading Eliza Jane again, I realized the four sided border is Queen stitch.  Because I've never been able to do that stitch properly in addition to it being my least favorite, I'll have to work out a substitute but Pumroy is ready to go!

So there will be only one queen around here and unfortunately, it's not me.  It used to be, but now it's Missy - see her under the flowers with her royal attitude?  
And I thought you would like to see the last of the BOAF boys.  Major changes. First off, he is charted for a gold metallic coat, which I changed to DMC 783.  Stockings and cap were to be a bright yellow and orange,  I used the red 304 and green 989.  I've been seeing quite a few of these on Ebay and this gold one went for $8.50.  Not bad considering some of the prices recently.  So my set is complete and I can start looking through the Prairie Schoolers for a few others.  That's it for me.  It's going to be very hot and humid here for a few days, and my heart goes out to the western states with the devastating fires, and Florida's flooding.  Those fires are so upsetting to us animal and nature lovers, and having to quickly evacuate and lose everything to a fire is horrific.  I can't imagine how the firefighters can deal with the temperatures plus the additional heat from the fires.  Have a safe weekend and I'll talk to you soon.  Thank you so much for visiting!
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