Jun 23, 2012

It's official - 61!!

Hello young people.  That includes youthful old people.  Two things before stitchery talk.  My friend Patti, who many of you said a prayer for, gifted me with her beautifully stitched patriotic ornament and a round box with one of her label creations.   I think she should start selling!  You also see Ann's gift (which I've moved many times) with the jar filled with my chewable calciums.  Great way to keep them handy, and I keep taking the basket off because I love looking at the perfect weave.  To fill the spot I originally placed it (and may return to) one of my boxes fits pretty good too.

 I'll be done with Santa soon and need to chose a sampler so here's my choices.  Both of which I think would be excellent projects after my struggle with Lucy.  The majority of my reproductions are from The Scarlet Letter, but these two new purchases are Threads through Time.  My oh my.  I'm sure you already know how wonderful these instructions and diagrams are.  Huge easy to read chart with stitch counts circled, colors noted, quirky areas outlined.  Eliza Pumroy has more types of stitches than I expected and lots of borders, but with this type of help, I think I can manage.  What do 'ya think Lucy? 

 The Eliza Jane Stiles isn't as large but is still a 4 page graph with very detailed written instructions including areas to pay special attention to.  Those areas that I usually assume are repeat stitches, which technically they become, because I have to remove and repeat.  I just realized they are both from young girls named Eliza.
This really made me happy - both graphs have the stitch count of each section of border!  See the numbers circled?  And areas that could create errors also circled.  My kind of graph!  This is why I'm feeling pretty good about starting either.  If I have more problems right from the start, I'm not sure if menomaniac will appear.  She looks like me, but I can't trust her.   I'll make my decision and choose a linen tomorrow......oh no.  The linen drawers.   Count?  Color?  Cut it?   The Pumroy colors appear pretty bright so I'll pull everything first and there's always the possibility of changing a few.
That's it.  I'm ready to close with a photo of my doe eating one of the dozen hot dog buns she consumes daily.  So I did the spell-check.  Menomaniac is still not in there.  Neither is menobrain or hysterectobelly.   Who do I write to about this?  As far as I'm concerned, these are actual conditions more identifiable than the slang currently being included in our dictionaries. 
 Hysterectobelly is REAL I tell you and ask any woman over 50 if she knows what menobrain is. 
I'll stop now.  Have a beautiful Sunday, stay safe, and thank you so much for your comments and visits.

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