Jun 10, 2012

A letter to Lucy

The young ambitious girl, who stitched her first design
through all my samplers had never before, entered in my mind.

But you my dear were different, and gave me such a fight
I knew there was a reason, so I gave it all my might.

Could I complete a large design without setting it to flame?
There’d be no excuse and if I fail, only myself to blame.

Temptation reared to taunt me, the fire glowing bright
but I held fast and stitched ahead, much to my delight.

Did Mom meet you in heaven, and whisper in your ear
it’s time for me to learn patience, in this my 60th year?

Some say that family also stitched and completed this for you
were you trying to tell us that the story isn’t true?
 Or maybe if you failed to finish, you came to sit with me
and encouraged me to the very end, so completed it would be.

Why ever I was chosen, the reason will never be quite clear
but what I’ve gained from your devilish help, I’ll always hold so dear.

A vision of a giggling girl, tall with dark brown hair
was happening so frequently we soon became a pair.

For this you taught me Lucy, have patience, don’t live in haste
To rush through life without a pause would truly be a waste.

I thank you for this Lucy and was honored to be worthy
I’ll miss you and I wish you well, in your eternal journey.

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