Jun 14, 2012

Moving on

Hello all!  Thank you so much for the comments on Lucy.  I honestly had my doubts more than once that she would ever be completed.  She will be framed but until then....guess what? 
 I went to a primitive show at The Hidden Den in Salem, Ohio last weekend and found this.  It's very large - 24 x 25 on the inside.  Now, I don't have to tell you where this is going.  I planned on it just taking up wall space in a bedroom until I was pressing Lucy and thought.....hmmmmm..

It will take me some time to decide on the type of frame I want so she can stay here for a while. 

I also found this cupboard which I adore.  It's very long (37") and narrow (12"), perfect for a sampler on the door. 

Eliza Pumroy was my first thought and if too wide to fit between the door's frame, I can always hang it inside with the door open.  It was my first visit to that shop and to Bridgewater Primitives in Alliance, Ohio.  Yowser.  I was in heaven. Over an hour drive from here and I will certainly visit again.  I took photos and will sneak a few more into future posts.

I'm not a fan of Facebook and its invasive practices, but I think you can find this shop there.  Lots of textiles, antiques, hand mades, large wood pieces,  great scents, with helpful and welcoming service.
After a wasted two days searching for BOAF's Gold Santa, I finally found him.  I knew he was in a clear pocket with the others but tore the house apart and couldn't find him.  Luck would have it, I dropped a Dove chocolate between my end table and the sofa arm.  It fell right into a canvas bag that is hanging from the table, and holding exactly what I was looking for.  See?  When I organize and actually have something where it should be, I still can't find it.  

I started Malabar Farm twice, and I'm still not happy with the fabric count. 
I don't have linen higher than 32 and I will search through them for what appears to be a tighter weave.  I know 32 is 32, but is it just me or do some same count fabrics appear to have a smaller stitch?   I actually considered over one on 25 count (did you feel a shift in the universe) but the holes in the linen look too big.  I'm really getting weird.  Aida is something I've used only a few times but I'm seeing quite a few pieces on 18 count, aged, and looking damn good.  I don't have any - no store around here has anything other than 14 count.  I plan on placing a chart order soon and will probably add a piece to the order along with a (gulp!) 35 count piece of linen.  AUGH!!   
I also don't have but one of the required colors and there isn't a DMC option, I'm too lazy to look up a conversion, so I chose my own.  The peacock is that gorgeous Gingersnap.  I have a few other things to mention but don't want to make this longer than it is, and really need to get moving outside. 
 I bought the cats a canvas fish filled with catnip hanging from elastic, hung it from the 2' shepherd's hook, and Nitwit is having a ball. 
Enjoy your day - which is already the middle of June - stay safe, and thanks for visiting!
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