Jun 19, 2012


Hiya.  Just wanted to show you Malabar Farm finished.  
 I planned on using these fabrics shown for the backing and pocket, but since I left off "Malabar Farm" at the bottom, it became a 6" square.  Uh-oh.  Before I sew it together, I need to make a trip to my craft store!   I'm willing to bet I'll find a 6" square box.  I really like this fabric and the entire project looks really nice with my dried oranges, so ......  I'll probably end up stitching it into a pillow.   But the craft store is Starbuck's neighbor.  Need I say more?

In addition to leaving off the bottom name, I added a little backstitching to the flowers - just thought they needed it - and the peacock's head comb is done in knots.  I used 32 count something, the recommended GAST Gingersnap, but changed to Evergreen for the centers, Peacock for the vase, and DMC 830 for date and stems.  The scissors - ??? - a piece of gray I found on the floor.  I didn't have but one of her chosen colors, so I just looked at the photo and used what I had that seemed closest to her design.
That's it!  I'm working on Gold Santa but am looking for  another small.  I also wanted to thank all of you for your well wishes.  I was adjusted by my chiropractor yesterday, although he can't touch my neck, and Advil is helping as usual.  The ankle was fine, but is now starting to hurt and swell even more.  It looks like I swallowed a  pierogi whole and it slid down to the ankle.  Halupki thighs and pierogi ankles. 
Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by.
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