Jun 17, 2012

Not another offer!

Yep.  For how you patiently stuck with me and Lucy, your sweet and encouraging comments, and because even though I proudly display my Bitch Banner, I'm basically a nice person.  A gift for you!  Now don't get your skirts flying too high because it's just a basket.  Now lower it a little more.  It's not a hand made ash splint basket, but a cheapo-but-nice-to-display stitchery basket.  And I'll throw in the hook Mark made so you can hang it from your handrail bracket at the bottom of your stairs if you prefer.   This size is about 7 1/2" wide at the top tapering to about 6 1/2" at the bottom, and 11 - 12" tall without the handle.   And if you accidentally step on it or sit on it, it will break.  Trust me.  This is what it looks like with Frances Bliss, and hanging from the bracket.

You will have your choice of natural, or dark stain, shown here with my still waiting for ears to be painted rabbit gourd.  Poor thing has been sitting there for quite some time.  I'm sure the baskets can be painted with brush or spray if you would like a color or aged look.  Leave your name on this post only to enter.  Random will pick a name on Thursday June 21 at 9 PM EST.
Bonnie Olson sent me these photos of her amazing work on The Vierlande Winders' Keeper which was an online tutorial from Amy Mitten.  So much to take in!  Look at all the details, little pockets for the winders, the center opens for needles, drawstring lacing ending with the little stitched balls, and the tiny pinball.  If you want to see more detailed photos of the project, visit Amy Mitten's site.

Congratulation on a magnificent piece of work Bonnie!
I probably should have shown my wimpy stuff first.  I decided to stay with this 32 count (third start), and I spotted a small but bright yellow spot that wasn't there before.  At least I didn't see it, and I can't imagine how I would have missed it.  It won't come out, so I tried coffee staining over the area to hide it, and decided I will just continue on, age it more, and live with it. 
My birthday is this month and I almost didn't make it to 61.  I wanted to clean my parents' shiny black stone (which has grass clippings stuck all over) and put a 7-day candle in for Father's Day.  I went to the cemetery this morning with a bucket of water, a spray bottle with soapy cleaner, the tall heavy brass candle holder, a 12" tall glass candle, my keys, and a lighter.   As I was walking, I stepped into a deep hole that was hidden in the grass, twisted my ankle and went down, and couldn't stop it with my hands full.  I don't remember what hit, but my left shoulder and right arm are numb.  Did I worsen my neck or twist my back?  Don't know.  But my ankle is better and I was extremely lucky that the 16" long spike attached to the bottom of the candle holder didn't pierce me.  It never occurred to me until I started sinking it into the ground that this huge spike could have ended it all!  Yikes.  I came home, took Advil, hung my head to relieve neck pressure, and then got a chuckle from this.

Don't forget - this post for entries - state that you want to be entered - make sure I can contact you.
Right now it's time for more Advil - thank you for visiting - have a great week!


Carole said...

Marly, Marly, Marly, at your age (and I mean young compared to my 75 and mentally hanging in at about 40) you need to learn always to have at least one hand free in order to brace yourself when you take (what I call) "another one of those stupid damn falls"! Try heat and ice besides
Advil....Helped me immensely after two stupid falls this spring...Hope you feel much better by the end of the week and if not, see your doc and receive (not a lollipop) but one of the "as you age, you need to be careful" lectures! Heal

Shirlee said...

Oh Marly ... you sure have been having some bad luck lately in the accidents department : ( I do hope you will feel better soon. How lucky that spike did not touch you! Bonnie's stitching is indeed amazing but yours is too my dear : ) Please put me down for a chance for that basket you're giving away there : )

Barb said...

Lovely post Marley,as usual but could do with out the ouch moment. Take care and watch out for ambushing holes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marly, you have an interesting and kind guardian angel: showing you the dangerous situations that surround you but at the same time protecting you quite well :-))
It is for the first time that I see the marvellous bag from Amy Mitten finished (I was astonished earlier by the beautiful stitching of another variant (Friesland) of this purse shown at http://robert5458.blogspot.com).

Will you please put in my name for the dark stain basket? I hope to be the lucky winner, hahaha.
I hope you will forgive me if I made a lot of grammatical mistakes, I live in the Netherlands so I'm not a native speaker.


Michele said...

Thank goodness it was not worse. I am glad you did not impale yourself on that thing.I love all the things you make and the great idea's you come up with for displaying them.I love, love, love the boxes you make.Please put me in for the basket, it is excellent!
Blessed day to you. Micele

Mary said...

Hi Marly, I so enjoy your blog and all your funny, quirky observations! Maybe just like your cat, you hve 9 lives. Though after this morning's misstep you may have used up another one.Glad you're OK!

Please consider me for your basket offer. What fun!


Barbi said...

OH my gosh, sounds like such a nasty fall! Thank goodness that spike was pointing in the other direction! I went to the cemetary this morning too with my cleaning supplies and some fresh flowers. Sounds like we are all of the same mind on this father's day. :)
I am in love with your rabbit gourd!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Looks like you've got a good solution to your spot trouble on your fabric. No one will be able to see it when you're done.
So sorry about the fall. I hope the Advil helps and that you're back in the swing, soon!

Rhissanna said...

Wow! That was a lucky fall (if there can be such a thing.) The sampler looks great aged, the yellow just adds to the realism. Yes, please, add me to the giveaway and I love the bunny gourd. He looks the patient type and those ears look fine to me.

Connie said...

Glad you are going to be ok. Recently found your blog and can't stay away. I love it!
Please enter me in your contest.
Connie in Texas

Devon said...

I am glad you came out of it ok,,bruised but ok,,I did the same thing about a year ago..at least we can laugh about it after the fact..heal quickly and thanks for having the basket giveaway..
please enter my name into the drawing.

Joanie said...

I fell into a hole walking one of our horses to pasture and I almost brought her down with me. Fortunately, my Maggie is more surefooted than me otherwise, I'd be squished! So I relate to ambushing holes. Glad you aren't pierced!
Please enter me in your basket give-away! And thanks for your generosity!

barbara said...

Jeepers, I came over all shaky reading about your near miss with the spike. I'm so glad you weren't mortally wounded and I hope your aches and pains are soon behind you.

Best wishes for a glorious birthday!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Seems to me not only are you gifted, creative, and witty, but mightily efficient as well....when you go, why bother with the intermediate steps of hospitals and such - just end it in a cemetery.... ;o) Sorry.... That's my twisted multiple speaking... I've had my own encounters with cemetery sinkholes. I love old gravestones, and spend an inordinate amount of time in cemeteries and more than several times have wondered whether I, too, was just being "efficient." Bonnie's finish is incredible. Wow....people really do that, huh?? But I'm loving your new start as well...Hmmmm - perhaps I should send my fabric to you for aging?? I have a pattern that was worked on aged Cashel, and I can't quite seem to get what I'm looking for. When I first saw your photos, I thought, AHA!! A source! :o

I would love to be entered in your sweet basket giveaway. It's a beauty...I may need to display a punch piece on it until I actually get around to "stitching" something....but what the hey? You've inspired me!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

prim_bug said...

I do so love your blog. Usually you keep me in stitches with your stories but, this time I was quite relieved to here that you are okay. Thank goodness someome was watching over you. I do believe that your wonderful sense of humor through everything is why there was no harm done to you. You are a wonderful person. I feel blessed to know you from your blog.
I would like to be entered into the drawing as well.
Thanks so much for the offering of the basket.

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Marly,hope you are feeling o.k,thats nasty. Could you sign me up for the basket givaway, I have a spot for it,tee hee. Loveìn your blog,you make me smile,take care, Blessings Francine.

Jen Bailey said...

Marly, I'd love to be entered in your giveaway for a dark stained basket, it's beautiful!! Can't wait to see more of your work!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you survived your fall. My husband gives me a hard time about the sills I have taken. I would like to add my name to the dark basket drawing. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you survived your fall. My husband gives me a hard time about the sills I have taken. I would like to add my name to the dark basket drawing. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you survived your fall. My husband gives me a hard time about the sills I have taken. I would like to add my name to the dark basket drawing. Carolyn

Margaret said...

Oh Marly!! I'm so glad your accident wasn't any worse! I hope your bruises and aches and pains go away quickly. Whew! Would love the chance to win a basket. :D I just love how you display needlework on baskets. I would never have thought of doing that myself. Thanks for the giveaway -- you're a sweetheart!

Bea said...

I just found your blog. You were very lucky. Someone was watching out for you. Love the basket. Add my name

Bea Swere

~*Sharee*~ said...

Goodness hun; glad you wasn't hurt badly..love your baskets and would love to win either one; but if I have to choose I like the darker stained one..:) Please enter me in your giveaway and hope your not too sore tomorrow..

Hugs, Shar

Penny said...

Hi Marly....Glad you weren't hurt in that fall.... Reminds me of a fall I took a year or two ago off my second story deck with pruners in my hands (I was leaning over the deck trying to get a branch when the railing let go. Luckily a bush broke my fall a bit). I was lucky, too, that I didn't land on those pruners, although I hurt and had bruises for weeks.....
Beautiful stitcheries!! Wonderful talent....
Please throw my name in the hat for a chance to win the basket.... love how it looks with a needlework on it and would use it for the same purpose should I win... Thanks for the opportunity!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
Sorry to hear about the fall but I'm so glad you lived to tell the tale!
Bonnie's stitchery is beyond beautiful. Yours is not too shabby either!
Cat nipped is too funny.
Don't enter me in your give-away since I was a lucky winner in the past.
Pug hugs :)

Loraine said...

Oh my heavens Marly! I hope you are okay!!! I'm grateful you didn't break any bones. What an ordeal! Please be careful.
I was just looking for a basket like that yesterday, so with any luck I could win one of yours. I don't care which color. I love them both.
What a sweetie you are.
Have a better day!

annie said...

could you please count me in too? you do amazing work!

Kathy L. said...

Thank goodness someone was watching out for you! Please enter me in your basket drawing loved being with you while you stitched Lucy

Barb said...

All of us "older" folk need to be careful!! I took a fall last autumn trying to keep from breaking some hand blown balls. I think I tore something in my shoulder as it keeps hurting more. I'm so glad your are not hurt any worse than it seems. Take care and please enter me in the basket drawing ! I love the way you use baskets with cross stitch!

Kristy said...

Well, it seems the same for you as it does for me...if it is not one thing it is another. But the inspiring thing about you, is that you just keep going. I find that encouraging. I am also hopeful I will be chosen for the basket prize. Kristy in Ohio soardkg@fuse.net

Cheryl Porada said...

Hi Marly,
Your blog is new to me, however I am really enjoying it. Please enter me into the basket drawing...it is so darling. Speedy recovery! Cheryl

Ginny said...

Glad you weren't hurt any more seriously in the fall. I love the pics of the catnip and the cat! I'd love to be entered in your drawing. I'm a no-reply blogger, so you can reach me at blessed (dot) gingram (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Marly, sounds like you had some kind of day. I am glad that you didn't break any bones. The doctor in me says you need to take it easy and rest with your feet up stitching for the next couple days. Hope your shoulder is feeling better too.
Love the cat nipping picture. It is amazing what cat nip can do to a cat. My cat use to love the stuff. I had a camomile tea that he loved to get into when it got left out on the counter...all I can think is it must of had cat nip in it.
I would love to win your basket (mrebec4@hotmail.com), but ever more so one of your husbands wonderful little hooks to hang the basket. You are so generous. What a great delight this will surely bring one of your readers.

Chris said...

OOH Marly! How is your ankle this morning? How is your shoulder. I hope that you are ok.
I think your stitching looks great. The fabric is supposed to look that way isn't it?
That Amy Mitten piece is just amazing. I love her designs. I did take a class with her about 8 years ago.
The cat pic is so funny. That looks like a party to me.
What a birthday already! I hope that it is wonderful.

Melissa said...

OMG, Marly, I'm glad you're ok but that was some freaky accident! You're the same age as my DH though his birthday is today so he's a few days older.

Thanks for sharing Bonnie's work - beautiful indeed. And I like your prim Stacy Nash piece.

I would love to be included in the basket giveaway. One day I will own one of your pieces! ;-)

Take care & watch where you're stepping!

Vera said...

Hi Marly, So glad you are ok and hope you are feeling better today. I've done the same - though tripping over air on pavement (nothing in the way, just tripped)--not fun! And, Happy Birthday! I'd love to be included in the draw for the basket (either one) and hook. How generous you are. And I love the way stitching looks on your baskets. Cat nipped shots ae too funny!! Take care, Vera

Cathy B said...

Hey Marly -

So sorry to hear about your fall at the cemetery; not many people go to visit graves anymore, but I do every now and then, so your story piqued my curiosity!

I saw an almost finished Vierlande Winders' Keeper recently, one of the participants at the Stitchville retreat was working on it. It is a beautiful piece! Your friend Bonnie did a nice job finishing hers.

Just in case I miss your birthday, I'll send best wishes now! Enjoy your day when it arrives!

jan said...

They say you can never get too many closets, but it's also fair to say that you can never get too many baskets. Please enter me in your give-away. ... jan (pjrutledge1@verizon.net)

Prims By The Water said...

Happy Birthday! So glad to hear you are alright. Please enter me into your basket giveaway. Would love to win the dark stained one. Take care, Janice

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing Lucy -- it is beautiful. Certainly glad you didn't impail yourself in your fall. Hope you're feeling better soon. Please enter me in your drawing for the basket. Barbara, vasampler@hotmail.com

Karen said...

I would love to win the basket for my home! Thank you Lucy!

Karen said...

I would love to win the basket for my home! Thank you Lucy!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Marly! Oh my gosh--I can't go away without you taking a header in the cemetary! I'm so glad you are somewhat OK--hope it heals quickly. You sound a little bit too much like me--Al always says I can be standing still but fall and twist an ankle. Please enter me in your giveaway !--Jan

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

OMGosh ... after I finally read what had happened to you I'd say yes you were lucky that it was not worse with that spike part you mentioned. This was not one of those funny stories you usually have and enjoy.
I am 73 now and will be needing knee surgery, so this hobbling around throws everything else off whack. I am no longer in denial that I can do whatever I want ... no no no.
Anyways, I would be delighted to be included in your basket giveaway.
Take care and get better ,

Judy said...

Gosh Marly, sorry about the fall...hope you are recoveing quickly. Darn holes! Thanks for sharing the stitching. Would love to be entered in the drawing for the basket and hook. I really like all of your basket/sampler ideas for displays. Hope you have a great birthday!

Judy heqrtland stitcher

karin said...

Please add me to your giveaway Marley. Lovely blog you have.
in NY

Faye said...

Woman!!! No more falls~~~~ Sheesh.... I mean it~~ How will we get by if you can't post about all these gorgeous baskets and samplers and gettin nipped an all?.... Seriously, you had real good intentions and accidents do happen. I will go buy Advil stock today~~ tee hee.... Count me in on that awesome basket giveaway for sure....I NEED a basket to perch on a nice hook here in the Carolinas...with a special little sampler attached...Take care (and I mean that!!)


Simple Pleasure said...

So sorry to hear of your "_ss over teakettle" trip...hope this note finds you with little need of more Advil. I recently did a very ungraceful split and tip over at the A&P Food Store...I was wearing smooth bottomed sandals and the floor had a small damp spot...which I found...ouch!!!!
I would love to win the lovely basket...thank you for entering my name!
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Ann said...

Hi Marly,
Painfull that you fell! Hope you're feeling better now?
Love your new purchases.
And I really admired those pictures of that drawstring bag (love at first sight - but quite pricy when I checked this on Amy's site).
Have a nice day!

dixiesamplar said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds painful...hope all is healing nicely.

Please include me in your basket giveaway...I would love to hang that on my fireplace mantel.

Happy Stitchin'

Bonnie said...

Hope you are all better did not see the date you posted so hope it has been a while and you are OK. Oh how things happen that spike could have hurt and you probably was alone with no one to help.
Keep safe
Keep Stitching

Sarah Beth said...

Marly love your back door. Its gorgeous. Please enter me in your giveaway.

Carol S said...

Hope you're feeling better after your fall. All it takes is a split second, & you're down! Please enter me in your giveaway.

Judy Z said...

Marly...please enter me for the basket giveaway.. Winning would make my day...Love your blog, it gives me inspiration

Patty C. said...

Sorry about your ankle !
Your baskets are gorgeous & I Love the Amy Mitten design - Isn't it perfect !!!

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