Jun 17, 2012

Not another offer!

Yep.  For how you patiently stuck with me and Lucy, your sweet and encouraging comments, and because even though I proudly display my Bitch Banner, I'm basically a nice person.  A gift for you!  Now don't get your skirts flying too high because it's just a basket.  Now lower it a little more.  It's not a hand made ash splint basket, but a cheapo-but-nice-to-display stitchery basket.  And I'll throw in the hook Mark made so you can hang it from your handrail bracket at the bottom of your stairs if you prefer.   This size is about 7 1/2" wide at the top tapering to about 6 1/2" at the bottom, and 11 - 12" tall without the handle.   And if you accidentally step on it or sit on it, it will break.  Trust me.  This is what it looks like with Frances Bliss, and hanging from the bracket.

You will have your choice of natural, or dark stain, shown here with my still waiting for ears to be painted rabbit gourd.  Poor thing has been sitting there for quite some time.  I'm sure the baskets can be painted with brush or spray if you would like a color or aged look.  Leave your name on this post only to enter.  Random will pick a name on Thursday June 21 at 9 PM EST.
Bonnie Olson sent me these photos of her amazing work on The Vierlande Winders' Keeper which was an online tutorial from Amy Mitten.  So much to take in!  Look at all the details, little pockets for the winders, the center opens for needles, drawstring lacing ending with the little stitched balls, and the tiny pinball.  If you want to see more detailed photos of the project, visit Amy Mitten's site.

Congratulation on a magnificent piece of work Bonnie!
I probably should have shown my wimpy stuff first.  I decided to stay with this 32 count (third start), and I spotted a small but bright yellow spot that wasn't there before.  At least I didn't see it, and I can't imagine how I would have missed it.  It won't come out, so I tried coffee staining over the area to hide it, and decided I will just continue on, age it more, and live with it. 
My birthday is this month and I almost didn't make it to 61.  I wanted to clean my parents' shiny black stone (which has grass clippings stuck all over) and put a 7-day candle in for Father's Day.  I went to the cemetery this morning with a bucket of water, a spray bottle with soapy cleaner, the tall heavy brass candle holder, a 12" tall glass candle, my keys, and a lighter.   As I was walking, I stepped into a deep hole that was hidden in the grass, twisted my ankle and went down, and couldn't stop it with my hands full.  I don't remember what hit, but my left shoulder and right arm are numb.  Did I worsen my neck or twist my back?  Don't know.  But my ankle is better and I was extremely lucky that the 16" long spike attached to the bottom of the candle holder didn't pierce me.  It never occurred to me until I started sinking it into the ground that this huge spike could have ended it all!  Yikes.  I came home, took Advil, hung my head to relieve neck pressure, and then got a chuckle from this.

Don't forget - this post for entries - state that you want to be entered - make sure I can contact you.
Right now it's time for more Advil - thank you for visiting - have a great week!
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