Jun 21, 2012

A winner!

Hi everyone.  First off, Random.org chose Melissa as the basket and hook winner.  Congrats!  Please email me with your address and choice of natural or dark and I'll get it in the mail ASAP!  As I was working on the Santa, I was thinking of other ways to use this as a stitchery display.  Santa looks good and the basket could be filled with greenery.  A floral design and filled with flowers hung on a door.  A Halloween piece filled with curly willow.  A wide linen band with a name....oh just stop it.  Second, thank you all for the birthday wishes.  It's almost over!  Third, Gold Santa had an accident.  It seems his boat was two stitches off course and the frogs jumped in and sunk it.
After the frogs were gone, I wondered why I just didn't add two rows of green and make it a bigger boat!  Oh well, we're back on track. 

I wanted to show this shepherd's hook.  This is how mom liked her hooks - a grapevine or ivy garland wrapped around it.  We cleaned out the shed and I found this one.  This looks great in the fall with a garland of autumn colored leaves and a pot of bright mums.

I'm done.  Have a great weekend and thank you again for the well wishes and birthday wishes.  Much appreciated!  Thanks for visiting and to all who participated in the offer.
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