Aug 14, 2012

A little finish and a lot of threads

Hi fellow stitchers.  Thanks for all the comments on the new stash.  A few readers mentioned that they would love to see them finished.  Me too.  I didn't need any more charts, that's for sure, but I liked them and was afraid when they are gone, they're gone forever.  Just couldn't take that chance, especially for $5.  So does that make me a cheap chart hoarder? 
I happened to find this little free chart from Pineberry Lane while searching for their Wool design that I misplaced.  I took the photo of the chart for the prior post to show where I erred and ..... well, you know the rest.  It's close.  I can feel it.
I used a dark red star print for the back and felt it was too small for the envelope closure so I left the short end open instead of the bottom.  Used my trusty Liquid Stitch to close the seam and then attached the bells.  I like them on the corners too and may change it, but when displaying in a bowl you can't see them on the bottom.  I shouldn't have used two strands on the end finishing and may re-do that too.  Why not just do the whole damn thing over????  I tried something a little different when using the glue closure and I like the change.  Instead of pressing the hem to the inside and then filling, I pressed to mark the hem, but didn't turn it in until the filling was in place.  Folding the hem OVER the filling allowed the stuffing to be more even, and the glue was only on the inside hem, not through two layers of fabric since the stuffing is between the outside fabric and the inside hem.  You know what I mean?  Moving on. 

I found these threads (again) and really don't know what to do with them.  I like the reds and will keep those for Santa, but what are these mostly used for? 
Some of it is so tightly twisted and thick, are they to be separated or not?  Wildflowers looks like it should be used as one strand but I have no idea what type of design calls for these threads.  Lots of flower thread.  Why? 

These wool/silk blends are foreign to me too.
I love the red in the Needle Necessities, but what they heck is this thick blue stuff?
I visited Caron's website for info but the photos will not open.  Maybe tomorrow (after gum surgery) I'll take some time to read about their threads to see if I can use any of them.  That's enough confusion for one day.  I still haven't planned the kitchen and it will be September in a few weeks.  Ouch.  That even hurt to say it.  I'm putting the few names that are willing to give Stella a home in a bowl and will let you know next post whose name was drawn.
Thanks for visiting.  Have a great week and stay safe!
p.s.  I just noticed that my Dannon Oikos is only 5.3 oz.!  I thought it was 6 oz. like Chobani which is in the same container.   I need to pay more attention as a consumer.


Margaret said...

Love your little finish -- very pretty! I have various threads lying around too just like you. Don't know when I'll use them, but you hate to get rid of them. At least I do!

cucki said...

Awww such a sweet finish :) and yummyy threads..
Have a lovely Stitchy week xxx

Annie said...

Very cute little finish. Looks like some of that might be perle cotton maybe? Anyway, they are so pretty.. look good enough to eat!

Pretty soon the yogurt cups will be about a teaspoonful. My Safeway has a 6 oz Greek yogurt still, but it's only a matter of time before they all drop the size like when they went from 8 oz to 6 oz on regular yogurt a while back.

Peggy Lee said...

Good thinking on the hem!
I have recently picked up some of that heavier thread on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I thought I'd use it to braid for edging or to hang a little finish/ornament.

Gum surgery? Good luck with that. Will be thinking of you.

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Here's a little info on your Caron threads, which I use now and then, especially the Wildflowers.
Wildflowers Thread
For cross stitch use one strand over two threads on #24-32 ct fabrics.
Watercolours Thread
For cross stitch use one ply worked over one thread for 11-14 cts and two threads on 18-20 cts.
Hope that helps. I love the variegation in this thread and would love to see what you stitch with it. Smiles, Nan

TheCrankyCrow said...

I'm gonna start calling you the stash lady....Yikes!! Bunches of new charts and all that thread.'re resurrecting memories.....I've used that, but for???? If I think of it, I'll let you know. (That is, if I remember who it was who WANTED to know...) ;o) Yeah, it's been one of those days. Love the sweet little finish. The x's on the end and the bells are a perfect finish. I wouldn't change a thing.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mouse said...

yoo hooo the thicker wild flowers is used for hardanger stars , flowers , the thinner is also used this way but for doing kloster blocks.

waterlilies silk is 12 ply so you get more for your money and can use two strands the same as normal thread ..

love using the waterlilies for band samplers in all one colour especially as you have at least two of the same colour .... thread dye lots vary alot with these sooo do make sure you have enough to finish what you are stitching ,,, been there ,seen and wore the teeshirt
hope thats been some use to you :)
love mouse xxxx
ps love the wee pillow :)

Maggee said...

Hello! I have used the Watercolor thread for a couple of pincushions. One was my Sarah Tobias one and the latest one was the Fresh Spring one (which you can find on my blog, eventually) I just cut for length and separate the threads. I think Flower Threads were popular a while ago, cause I picked up a Curt Boehringer pattern and that is what it called for... Lucky for me, one of my LNS owners is a whiz at conversions and is gonna assist me in switching! I search thru all my threads whenever I am about to start a monochromatic piece--come up with some wonderful finishes! Hugs!

Vickie said...

Sweet little finish Marly. Personally, I am a cheap linen hoarder. ;) My husband had gum surgery years ago. I suppose it can depend on what you are having done, but his was shall we say, unpleasant? Make sure you get pain relievers if they ask.

Kim said...

I love the way your finished that edge.

Judy said...

What a cute little finish on the pinebery lane freebie! And such a colorful collections of threads...what is it about threads..we see the pretty color and into the basket it goes--no plan--just I'll use that someday. Ha! I have a small pile of such threads also. Ouch--good luck with the surgery.

Judy heartland stitcher

Anonymous said...

Nice Christmas finish. I like the bells on the side. I agree with you about not putting them on the bottom.
What a great stash of threads. I love the flower thread. It is a little hard to find around me. I first worked with it a couple years ago on a project bag I did for an exchange. I loved how it turned out. It gave a great kind of antique look to the project. I have been wanting to redo that project for myself because I loved it so much. Need to get on that. Thanks for the reminder.
The silk and wool thread looks interesting to use. That would be great for that Wool design your working on if you ever wanted to do it over a second time.
Take care of yourself, gum surgery doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Remember to pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Chris said...

I love Chobani, I had to get over the sticker shock first. Maybe I am cheap too or we are just frugal.
I love the swee xmas finish.
Lots of odd threads in your stash.
I know that you will find a use for them.
Have a great Wednesday!

Bertie said...

Love your little XSmas Marly!!
Threads are alway useful, BBD uses wool in their "For a Friend" book, check it out! I tried it and it's really nice on linen and gives it a lovely feel!
Good luck with the gum, will think of you!!

Solstitches said...

Love the pillow Marly. By chance I had just printed that design out a few hours before seeing your post so it's nice to see it stitched up and finished.
You have some gorgeous threads there.
I like perle cotton for making cord.

dixiesamplar said...

Love the Christmas finish!

I used Caron threads back in the day, and they were okay...not a big fan. They are great for needlepoint though.

Shirlee said...

Love your finish Marly! I have been wanting to do that X edge "forever" but have no idea how to do it. I keep thinking it needs to be evenly done (equal number of holes in between) & how the heck can you do that without counting all the holes (tricky when using osnaburg) to make sure everything is spaced out correctly? Oy! Talk about being spaced out! Your threads are beautiful. I don't know about cross stitch but flower thread is great for tatting. Shall I send you a shuttle?

Penny said...

A lovely finish! Love the linen, the stitching on the edge and the bells! And I always learn something from you. I just need to learn how to file it away for future use. :) Pretty threads and I think I have some of all of them. Have no idea anymore what they were for. :) If anyone can figure out a use for them, I know it's you. :)

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