Aug 12, 2012

New stash ~ Stella's looking for a home

Hi everybody.  I received my R+R Reproductions order from Homespun Samplar and thought you might like to see what I got.  I took the Lightbox feature off so photos should open and enlarge if you want to see a close up of any chart.   I don't like the black screen option and if you want to change yours, go to Dashboard, Settings, Formatting, and scroll down to Showcase ..... Lightbox.  Choose No. 
Bye bye black screen.

Cross, straight, eyelet, and chain stitches in Thankful. 142 x 198 stitch count.
Cross, half, Algerian eye and some over one.
 Ann's verse is "O sweet Jesus who was so good even to those who were so wicked that for the very same parties who did crucify thee thou didst pray unto thy Father saying Father forgive them for they know not what they do." 152 x 279 stitch count.
The verse on Barnard is "Diligence industry and proper improvement of time are material duties of the young.  Sincerity and truth form the basis of every virtue.  Time once past never returns." 271 x 101
 Cross, over one, rice, and smyrna stitches.

Rebecca's stitches are Cross, Rice, Long armed cross, Eyelet, Satin, and Herringbone. 240 x 116  Looks like these colors may need a Pearl Gray dip!


Flora includes Cross over one, Rice, Eyelet, and four-sided. 90 x 209

And the petite Dorothy (who was 24 years old when she stitched this) has Cross, Four-sided, Long-armed cross, and Herringbone, with hem stitched edges.  She is to be stitched on 35 count with silk threads.  65 x 109
I haven't found a conversion to DMC so I looked up the AVS colors, most are very pale and similar, and I may just pick my own.
Could you believe I got all of these for a total of $31?
These charts are so wonderful to use.  Very large easy to read charts with multiple pages and clear instructions.  But did the young snots really have to use all those stitches?  What's wrong with the basic cross?  Yes I know they were learning, and in order to become proficient they needed to practice and include these attractive stitches.  I'm not practicing or trying to impress a man so I may just go with the basics.  I haven't fully read the charts and if the areas involved are small, it could be fun.  Let's hope so!  Thank goodness I'm almost finished with this post because I am soaked and ready to run outside.  Flashes have been really bad again but my mammoslam was benign so ~ I'll accept the soakings without complaint.  Even though they are still frying my brain.  Today I put a bag of sunflower seeds in the critter treats and when my husband asked why, I said they were expired.  The date on the bag is Oct 10 2012.  ????  WHAT???
See something you'd like to stitch?  Homespun Samplar still has a very nice selection of these oldies.

Remember Stella's Brooms 'n Brellas from Fanci That?  I was going to stitch her without the bottom element, and realize now that I won't.  Anyone interested?  If you would like to have Stella broom her way to you, let me know in a comment here.  If more than one, I'll pull a name from a hat and send her along to her new roost.
Thanks for watching show and tell.
Hope your week starts splendidly!
Thank you for visiting.


Margaret said...

Lovely stash! So they're all R&R? Very nice!

The Evening Stitcher said...

My goodness, Marly!! You are one ambitious gal!!! I would love to claim finishing even one sampler...beautiful, beautiful charts by R&R and what a terrific price! Can't wait to see them finished..

Peggy Lee said...

Wow! I like them all but I think my favorite is Mary Benton Bernard.
So, you'll have all these complete in a month or two, right?

Judy said...

Nice charts...even with the special stitches. This should keep you busy for a bit anyway! Enjoy.

Judy heartland stitcher

Barb said...

You have some wonderful stash! All those stitches would scare me a bit!

stitchinpeanut said...

WOW. What a great batch of charts... I like them all... Your Stella witch is adorable... would love to have her if she has not found a home.

Anonymous said...

Your sampler charts are wonderful. As I was looking through them I thought, these are perfect for Marly. Just the kind of chart you might have been looking for several weeks ago when you were looking for something in a simple cross.
Can't wait to see what you do with them all for finishes. I am sure they will ge spectacular.

Mouse said...

oooo now they should keep you out of mischief for a while hehehehe ... love the waverly one :) quite likes the brighter colours :)
and would love to have the chance to win stella ... that is one cute halloweenie chart :)
love mouse xxxxx

Sarah Beth said...

I would love to have Stella. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the bright colors and the cute little ones dressed up. You new projects look great

Solstitches said...

You have some gorgeous new stash there Marly.
Thanks SO much for the tip on how to get rid of that horrible black screen when clicking on blog pictures.
I've changed the settings on my blog and am very happy.
I'm not big into Halloween so no need to enter me in the draw for Stella.

Bertie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bertie said...

Love your new sampler stash Marly!! Rebecca is my favorite, the alphabet is large LOL.
Sorry but I am not a Halloween stitcher ;)

Have a great week:))

Shirlee said...

Lovely samplers! Had to laugh at the "snots" comment : ) Thanks for letting us know about the black screen fix. No need to include me in the drawing.

Vickie said...

Thanks for the help on the Lightbox. I changed mine. I had to use the "old blogger format" though. I tried and tried and tried to do it using the "new format/dashboard", I cannot find it anywhere!!!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, oh my, love the sampler stash, Stella will be wonderful.Should keep you busy,Blessings Francine.

Jacqueline said...

You are going to be one busy Lady.. I too like having things in the wings waiting to be done. Pls enter my name in the hat for Stella.


Lanie said...

Well, look at you, Marly, and all your pretty new friends! Great selection. I'm really loving all the prim alphabet samplers you have been sharing with us. Have fun stitching these!

Chris said...

Lovely new samplers!!

Penny said...

I love the new additions! Homespun Sampler is a great place to order from. I'm not sure about the Herringbone stitch but the others don't sound too bad. :)

Linda said...

What great new charts you got. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.


Sherry said...

Great new stash! I have enough to keep me busy for now so I don't need to be entered but it is sweet of you to do it! Enjoy all your new stash and I will be watching to see which one you start first.

Joy said...

What a great stash! No need to enter me into your give away...I have plenty of those "unstitched" patterns. Just dropping by to say Hello...hope you have a flash free day!

Deb on the Cumberland Plateau said...

Loved your "young snots" rant! Love the patterns also :) look forward to your progress and personal color choices. Hoping your flashes diminish more every day.

Carolyn said...

LOVE all of your new stash! Those are the coolest samplers, and I do love me some samplers! I can't wait to see them all finished and hanging on your wall or on a basket or whatever creative way you decide to display them!

I love Stella but I have so much to stitch now, that it would be hoggish for me to join in, so I'll pass and let someone else have a chance. She's a cutie, though!

Hugs and pats from Texas. :0)

Anne said...

LOVE your new charts! I went hunting down some of those R & R charts and will have to purchase a few!!

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