Aug 24, 2012

A sweet surprise

Hello all.  I received a package in the mail from a reader wanting to help me remove my errors without using duct tape!  She sent this darling little two pocket pouch with these perfect little tweezers, and this fabulous laying tool.   It's so smooth that I kept holding it and rubbing it like a worry stone!  Remember those?
Without a local shop, as many of us, I never saw these tools and she was gracious enough to write a little note with beautiful handwriting (yes!) about these tools being so helpful.  Thank you again Carole!  We meet some wonderful people blogging, don't we?   
I finally came up with some relief for my wrist.  See this swollen bump?  This entire side is killing me and radiates up the arm.  The brace they keep giving me immobilizes the thumb which is not helping one bit.  I need to stabilize the opposite side.  Long story short, I did my own thing and turned the brace around.  It worked.  I can't move the wrist to the left and that stopped the pain.  My thumb is now free and can bend to hold a piece of linen, and although wearing it backwards is not comfortable at all, it certainly helps.

  Now for another decision that I'm pondering.  Glass?  No glass?  My latest frame will come in with museum glass but after seeing another display of the product, it will still reflect my windows.  I had a talk with the local framer and we discussed the glass debate.  Many of her customers frame without, and the majority of the antique pieces she got in, never had glass.
I'm tired of seeing the curtains and windows instead of the samplers.  (And that old chandelier I need to sell.) That's Fanny taped over the reflection as a little test.  Then I removed the glass from a framed piece and really liked it.  Such a different mood and look!  Texture, no reflections, clarity.  I'm thinking.... what the heck?  I'll keep the glass, marking and wrapping each individually, and have the option of returning it to the frame if I change my mind.   I have many pieces that are cupboard tucks, little pillows, sewing bags, box lids.....I wasn't worried about them, and they would certainly get more dust than a vertical piece.  I can't picture Margaret's or Glenna's samplers without glass, and after all these years, I'm a little uncomfortable thinking that mine will look unfinished.  But I'll try it.  The framer recommends the canned air dusters be used every couple months and no direct sun, which wouldn't be a problem.  She also told me that the film collecting on the inside of the glass is actually off-gases from the styrofoam, certain mats, types of threads, even the unsealed wood edges. 

 I asked her for a discontinued frame sample that I could use to check my mounting margins.  Wasn't that a long overdue good idea?  What a great help this will be.  Next visit I will ask for a straight piece she has no use for to help with long edges.

One more thing.  I happened to notice my followers have reached 400.  May not stay at that number because I lose a few every once in a while.  But thank you.  Really.  Thank you!   I have a lot of decisions to make this weekend.  One of them will be whether I should have another thank you offer.  Of what?  Hmmm.
I'll be back tomorrow after drawing a name for the charts.  I see that some of you are interested in one design but I originally stated that they are one offer so I'm sorry I can't separate them.
Thank you to all followers, new and old, and for everyone taking the time to visit.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your interest.


Shirlee said...

Hi Marly! You know, I read a long, long time ago that putting glass over needlework is not a good idea. You would think putting it underneath a piece of glass would help protect it but it can cause all sorts of damage. I know it makes sense that if you don't frame a piece then it will get "dirty," but if you care for it properly ... not hanging it where the sunlight hits it & gently dusting every couple months (& thank goodness for the cans of air available now-a-days) ... you basically have nothing to worry about. Of course you don't want to hang a stitched piece somewhere in the kitchen where grease from the stove or batter from mixing a cake will splatter up on it : ) Your wrist indeed looks SORE! I'm glad you found a way to work with the brace so that you feel at least a bit more comfortable. How very nice of Carole to send you that surprise!

Vickie said...

Ouch! I am sorry about your wrist. Hope the brace works. I have quite a few framed without glass works up in the house. Even IN THE KITCHEN!!!

Ann said...

Marly, I sure hope you can find some relief for your wrist/pain. Ouch! I'd rather it be my foot so I could still use my hands! LOL.

I have the same dilemma about glass vs. no glass. I've gone to no glass. Is it the right decision? Not sure, but I like it! Guess my descendants can wonder why I didn't take better care of my needlework, if anyone will even want my stuff. ~Ann

Margaret said...

What a nice gift! Glad turning the brace around helps your wrist. As for the glass versus no glass -- well, I have a good friend who doesn't use glass and loves it that way. I use glass just because my house is so dusty it's not funny. lol! Old houses I guess. I'd never thought of using the air dust cans -- have to get some. I've always wondered how to dust certain things and now I know!! lol! I swear, you always have good tips on your blog even when you don't mean to. :D

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

Marly ~ don't comment much, but read your blog faithfully. Love your samplers!

I think removing the glass would be fine as long as you keep them dusted and out of direct light. I do know what you mean about seeing everything reflected in the glass instead of the samplers themselves. And just think about all those antique samplers that have survived so long without being under glass...

And I love that chandelier ~ would love to find something like that for my dining room!!!

Have a good Friday and weekend!

Sweet Sue said...

Hiya Marly, hoping your wrist will decide to heal quickly, so very sorry. I've slowly gotten over feeling guilty about skipping glass, for me sometimes it just doesn't make sense. Luv your samplers! Have a great weekend:)

cucki said...

Hello dear I hope your wrist get better soon..
I love your samplers so much
Lovely gift..
Hugs and love for you xxx

Louise said...

Oh My! Your samplers are just beautiful! Can I ask what chart that is with the alphabet sampler? I absolutely LOVE it!! I would like to find it for myself if I can.
Any info would be so appreciated. I just love your blog!
I frame most everything with glass, I guess I feel it protects the stitching..but they do look good without glass. These days I have been stitching and putting the finished pieces in a box! I need to pull them all out and do something with them..I like the way you have many samplers on one wall!
Louise in NC

Louise said...

Oh also meant to add, I am so sorry to see your hand swelled up like that. I pray it gets better soon,

Joy said...

Marly, I hope your wrist continues to smart are you to find a way to stitch?!!

No framer is going to like my decision, but it works for me. I use non glare glass on all my samplers. I don't want to cover my windows and I don't wand to see glare on samplers!! So many antique samplers did have glass on them and even mounted on wood! This is such a controversial issue. I don't plan to be around when my samplers start to deteriorate and want to enjoy them now! As far as no glass, if it's hanging all year round, I think it needs glass. Although we have good intentions of dusting, more than likely it isn't going to happen.

Make your decision on what you like...and get better! Happy Day!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Marly...So sorry about your wrist still being's frustrating having that problem when you want to stitch! What a sweet and thoughtful person to send a gift like that to help you out! I like the samplers without glass...I think it is a softer look....but what do I know...I'm a painter, not a cross stitcher!! --Jan

Anne said...

Hmmm, the big glass debate. Since I'm fairly new at stitching samplers, I always thought glass would protect but after reading your bit about the scum that builds, perhaps it's wise to leave it off? That's a great idea to use an air canister to clean the pieces and to not have it in direct sunlight. Love the frame corner for Eunice. I think it'll look fab! Congrats on 400 followers! YAY!! I hope your wrist heals because it looks so painful :(

Carole said...

I really dislike glass, in any way, shape or form unless it's in an area that gets grease or smoke and unless it's a whitework piece.
I recently took Toccata IV in for framing and debated because of the ecru glass won out! I have 28 pieces hanging on one wall in den/office....21 have no glass. You can tell where my feelings lie! Hope your thumb/wrist heal quickly!
Glad you enjoyed your pkg!

Carol in MN said...

I framed the first few cross stitch pieces I did years ago and became tired of cleaning the glass and taking them apart to clean the backside of the glass which was the bigger problem. I do not put glass on any of my samplers and have over 100 repros now. How many old samplers were actually framed and put behind glass - very few I think. They were folded and put in a drawer is what I've read. Go for it - enjoy them in their beauty. If they get dirty, they look "old" - the look we desire.
Glad you figured out how to get relief in your thumb too.

Barb said...

I hope your thumb gets better very soon. Glad you can at least stitch a bit. Now about the glass, this discussion has made me think. I do think I'll take some of the glass off and see how I like it. I do remember hearing that the UV protected glass can give off a gas that is not best for stitched pieces. I have used plain glass but it does reflect everything! Thanks for providing us with such a thought provoking subject.

Maggee said...

Wow--sure hope that brace keeps helping, but you ARE going to see a doctor right? I used to frame, and have two old pieces with glass, and one recent one--but that is because it has hand-dyed matting by Jill Rensel and she recommended putting glass over it so it would not fade. Other than that, I do not use glass. Was told if you do not smoke, and keep a decently clean house, you shouldn't really need glass to protect your needlework, and that's what I do! Hugs!

Rugs and Pugs said...

OK. What pray tell, is a laying tool? (Something a hooker would
I'm glad you've found some relief for your wrist. It looks very ouchy!
Happy Friday to you!
Hugs :)

quiltygirl1 said...

Praying for a quick back to normal for you! You were very clever to turn the brace around! Also, the chandelier is quite lovely and I would adore it! So please enjoy this beauty! I have not stitched in probably 25 years. But back then I chose no glass and am very happy. From discovering your blog, I am going to try to return to stitching. I love primitive but have not found anything online. I love everything I see on your blog. Are there sites to purchase linen and charts? I live in a 1 stoplight town. So I have to have online source. Thanks if anyone can direct me.

Natasha said...

sorry your wrist is giving you troubles.. It is no fun trying to stitch with pain.... Your pieces on your wall are beautiful.
Have a lovely evening!

Jeanne said...

Well the glass/no-glass debate has raged on for years. I don't think there is any one "right" answer, it's whatever works for you. I've gone both ways over the years...and and am retrofitting some of my older pieces I did without glass (especially those with mats - they look unfinished to me without glass over the mats). I always use spacers so the glass never sits on the needlework. I live in the desert southwest and it's unbelievably dusty here! I'm not worried about preserving anything either, have no children so my stuff will likely end up at Goodwill!

Bev C said...

Hello Marly,

Ooh that wrist does look painful, glad you found a solution. I put glass on my cross stitch, it is far to dusty where I live plus we have lots of windows in our home.

Lovely to be given those little gifts.

Happy days.

Gabi said...

Your wrist looks just as mine was 2 years ago...and mine turned after 2 x rays and scan to be a fracture. To my utter amazement it was a relief to have a cast. If I ever need to stabilize anything, I'll ask for a cast, that's for sure.
Not sure if I would dare to frame without glass. Last time I chose not glass but a a plastic? I think it was called perspex or something like that. And it's amazing stuff. It looks a bit weird when seen alone, but once put on the stitched piece/painting/picture, it acts like glass but with little to no reflection. Love that stuff and hopefully find it again.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Following Gabi's comment, some of the frames I buy from Wilkinsons have perspex instead of glass, it's a cheap light-weight alternative.
I use glass because we have a wood burner and the dust is hideous!

Here's an idea to store the glass safely - put it in the frame behind the stitching. I've done that before when I sent a piece through the post and was paranoid it would get broken. I didn't seal the back so the recipients could easily remove it and put it in front if the stitching again.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok.....I'm back....

Very sweet of Carole to send you the little gifties....but, uhmmmm, a "laying tool"??? Now what the heck am I doing wrong???

Your wrist looks nasty. Any idea what you did to it in the first place? Good luck with the brace. I tried braces and they just don't work for me. I wash my hands A LOT (bit of a germaphobe I guess) and hate taking it on and off.

Ahhh - the ol' love/hate relationship with glass. I used to frame everything with glass when I lived with a wood burner (and if you ever looked at the walls, you'd agree it was a wise choice). But in this house, with windows in every possible wall space, all I see is glare on anything glass. Yet, sometimes I still do it. Don't know why - guess it mostly depends on which of my multiple personalities is making the decisions that day. :o)

Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

PS - Exactly why are you getting rid of that chandy????

Suzanne said...

I am sorry to hear that your wrist is still a problem, it looks very sore.

What a great gift you received, much better than using tape, lol.

Decisions on framing is so hard. I have a pile that need framing, but I have been avoiding it for the one reason, glass or no glass. I am afaid of things getting dusty and people touching the stitching (believe it of not I have many visitors that think this is an ok thing to do). All my smalls are in a glass cabinet, to avoid dust and most importantly, little fingers!

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