Aug 25, 2012


Happy Saturday.  It's almost over so have a happy Sunday. 
First off, Kellie from Indiana (no blog) will be receiving the charts.   If you'll notice, the first one opened says "Splenda".  I jotted it down as a reminder and must have thought it looked like a name.  Kellie, email me with your address and I'll get them in the mail to you Monday.  Thank you to all who participated!

Now for the glass debate.  I feel defiant!  Reckless!  Like a bra burner!  But I really like the way it looks.   .....   No.  Not without the bra, without the glass.  I took a few shots to show you how the experiment is going.  Of course you all know the difference in the appearance, but I wanted you to see how hidden my pieces were in my setting.

This is how I see them and if you look closely, you'll see that the glass is off one.  Here we go with it removed from this grouping.  I can't believe how the white goose stands out!  As I look at the wall now at dusk with lighting, fabulous.
 Now for two different samplers before and after.  Nice!  I never liked the frame on the bottom one and may change it to a small pillow.   My sister in law stitched it for me and had her framer pick the frame and mount it.  Not a good choice at all.

Now take a look at the inside of this one.
No back board and the metal clips right up against the linen.  Here's another of mine from the same folks.
Again no back board.  The taped piece was 25 years ago, and the one without the tape is newer and after the class action lawsuit was brought to them from a customer that found out they taped his work.  He contacted as many stitchers as possible to bring the lawsuit (I wasn't notified) and the judgment was to reframe and remount all the taped pieces.  Now the really bad one. 
This was taped, mounted on double boards, styrofoam back board, and shot with staples THROUGH my work.  The linen thread is broken in quite a few places and this was framed right to the border.  So I guess unless you know your framer well and trust them, you don't know what you'll find when you open the back.  I may work on the larger pieces in the dining room tomorrow but I need to finalize the kitchen (yes, the damn kitchen) drawings. I have the small wall on paper but I'm still having a hard time.  Moving the doorway is the sticking point in this tiny kitchen that you would think could only be laid out a few ways but NOOOooooo.  I had to come up with seven different layouts.   
I'll leave you with a picture of Bud, Nitwit's father.  I put a few boxes outside to see if they would get in and he picked the smallest.  He's in there all day, every day.  Unless Missy gets in first, then he pouts in the bigger box. 

Enjoy your weekend.  Stay safe.  Thank you for visiting.  I may have a surprise for you this coming week!


Kaisievic said...

They do looks so much better without the glass - much clearer and more vibrant. Love the kitty pics, too. Gorgeous!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Marly, I also like them better without the glass, the color stands out more, beautiful samplers. Love the kittys in the boxes, that is to cute. Blessings Francine.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

What a difference... my concern is how to keep them free of too much dust and stuff? I do not like housecleaning, especially at my age. I prefer playing. Any reasonable suggestions??? I way more prefer 'No Glass'. What a surprise on the backs of the framed pieces. Sad!
Love your cats ... they are definitely entertaining.

Have a Great Sunday since Saturday is on the way out,

samplerlover said...

Yes, I can see why most people would go the no glass way as you can see them all in all of their glory. But I personally would put glass on them. I think that they are protected better.

Thank you for showing us your sampler wall. It is lovely. Have always loved Aires of the Green. - Sandra

Barb said...

They do look so much brighter. We also found framing errors when I took one project out to use the frame for a holiday stitch. Makes you really angry-it is not cheap to get things framed!!!A very cute kitty!

Anonymous said...

I like your changes Marly. You can definately see them better.
Interesting about your framing finds. I found out this week that my wonderful framer is going out of business due to a greedy landlord that doubled her rent. I only mention this because I had the same conversation over "knowing your framer" and good vs bad framing techniques. Unfortunately for me it is not going to be easy finding a good framer in my area. She of course had no recommendations for me since she is a needlewoman herself and she has been the go to girl for so many stitchers. I hope lots of stitchers read your post and start asking more questions of their framer. I know I will be after my conversation the other day.
Hope you have a great Sunday and enjoy the process of your kitchen. It will be fantastic in the end like your glass delemia.

cucki said...

Yup they looking so much better without the glass.
Sweet kitties xxx

Margaret said...

Good for you for going with no glass. I think it's just a matter of what you like or don't like. Such a bummer about how your pieces were framed though. I guess it pays for me to go to my trusted framer. I also had some pieces framed by Jill Rensel, and I know she does it the right way too. I absolutely love your sampler walls btw. Wonderful! lol about Bud in the boxes. So cute! I guess all cats like boxes. Even small ones!

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Bud!♥ Too funny!
What a sad shame isn't it? Your heart must have just dropped when you found those "surprises" under the backing paper.
Hooray for no glass.=)

Louise said...

Congratulations to Kellie! I am sure she will love the charts :)
Your sampler wall is amazing!! I absolutely love it. I also love the santas in your header..I have those charts somewhere and need to stitch them :)
I wish you a beautiful day today!

moosecraft said...

Thank you for your thoughts about glass or no glass (on previous post too), as I have been wondering which way to go when I start getting some "wall worthy" pieces stitched. :-) I had been leaning toward no glass as I did have a sampler gifted to me that has glass and the reflection from the tv drives me nuts... I am very sorry that you discovered poor quality framing after you decided to remove the glass... Lord knows framing costs an arm and a leg and I would be f/urious if I found inferior techniques and damage to my stitching... LOVE the pics of the kitties in boxes! They look so dang cute!

Kellie from Indiana said...

Thank you so much! I have also thought of framing with no glass. I live in a small home however and grease from the cooking in the kitchen seems to get in the air so it scares me to not have my work protected. I would've been so upset to see what you've seen behind the frame. To pay for professional work and receive amateur and destructive instead is a rip off!

Kellie from Indiana said...

Thank you so much! I have also thought of framing with no glass. I live in a small home however and grease from the cooking in the kitchen seems to get in the air so it scares me to not have my work protected. I would've been so upset to see what you've seen behind the frame. To pay for professional work and receive amateur and destructive instead is a rip off!

Shirlee said...

What a horror story about those badly framed pieces! Love seeing the kitties : ) The first winner of your drawing was Splenda? What a hoot : )

Maggee said...

Congrats to Kellie! I thank you also, for sharing the framing 'techniques' you discovered! I hate to even think what I have behind some of mine. Pretty sure I know how my current framer works cause I have some pop-in pieces. Hugs!

Penny said...

You have a wonderful collection of samplers! And I personally love the look without the glass. What a nightmare to find the way some of your pieces were framed - wow! Bud and Missy look quite content in their boxes. :)

Mindi said...

Framers can be so hit or miss, which is why I'll no longer use Michaels to frame anything. Even if you ask very detailed questions, there's still some trust involved since it all gets covered up and they can pretty much do whatever they want and tell you whatever you want to hear. The glass debate is so hard. I made the decision to put glass on all my work when I was moving around a lot and never knew what the conditions would be like at the next house. In areas with refineries after a couple of years I've seen the damage its done to people's work, even in a house. when I was in Wyoming it was always windy, so the dust level was horrible.

The kitties look so adorable snuggled in the boxes.

Chris said...

It is always best to know your framer. Hopefull ythey stitch too :)
Love the kitties and their boxes!
Happy Monday!

Bertie said...

The samplers do look good without the glass Marly! I would worry for the moths, we have loads..
Wow that framer needs to be bankrupted!! Better do it yourself!
Gorgeous picture of the cats! Must try it for a bed myself sometime LOL
Have a fabulous Sunday!

Jeanne said...

I'm not surprised at the surprises you found lurking behind your stitched pieces....there are so many framing horror stories out there. I only will take things to a few trusted places. For those that don't have some place to trust, I recommend you view the mounted piece after they finish that part and BEFORE they put it in the frame and seal over everything with backing paper. Then you know what you've got under there and can have them correct any issues before they cover it up. "buyer beware" as they say...........

Carol said...

Hi Marly--I like the look of your no glass pieces so much better!! I have never framed with glass and have pieces over 30 years old that look just fine!

Shocking to find what the framers did. I just took three pieces in to have them framed professionally for the first time last week. Sure hope I don't end up with something like that!!

Aww...the kitties look so content--what a life :)

Lynn said...

The only time I ever use glass when framing is if the piece is going to reside in the home of a smoker. All of my own pieces have been framed without glass and I personally like the look of them better.
What a terrible shame to find your framed works in such a state! I am so fortunate that my framer works almost solely with nothing but needleworks and everything is pinned properly. Fortunately he is teaching his skill to the others at the shop where he works. I don't know what I'd do if we lost him.

Ann said...

Love your defiance! Right there with you, as you know. I'm just disgusted with framers and what's hiding behind their nice neat frame back. Shame on them.


P.S. I see the cat traps are working.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Congratulations to Kellie (and Splenda!) She'll have some happy stitching time for a while with that instant stash.....

YIKES on the framing horrors! Why, oh, WHY did you have to do this to me??? Now you know I will be wanting to go through all my framed pieces and start ripping the backs off - all the while fearful of what I'll find, and also fearful that I'll kick myself for ruining a perfectly good framing job if there's nothing wrong. EEEEEEK!

Awww....poor pouty Bud..... ;o)

Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

(PS - I have sampler wall envy....big time.)

Suzanne said...

They all look so much better without glass!

What a terrible thing that was done to your stitching. I have contacted all the framers near me and they all stated that they use staples to attach the stitching and that it's the best way. I think I will be having my frame and mat board cut to size and I will be pinning and lacing the stithing myself. At least that way I have no one else to blame if it all goes wrong, lol.

You could still fix those threads where the staple has broken them. Just like in hardanger, you could take a thread from the very edge and darn it into the hole where the staple was. It wouldn't hide the hole, but it would give a little strength and stability to the fabric.

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