Aug 29, 2012

Eunice's frame and sticky pins

Hello!  My frame for Eunice came in on time.  I had the sampler here and took it to Hobby Lobby to have them assemble the work.  This is my first piece of Museum glass and the clarity is amazing!  But.  It has the same glare as the other glass at certain angles. 

I hung her where it is the worst to see if there would be any difference.  No. Worth almost 3x the cost of regular glass?  There is a huge difference in your work's appearance, but not in reflections so for me, no.  The cost for this glass in Lucy's frame would be $124.  Mark said for everything Lucy put me through, I should get it!  I'm not.

This 2" wide pumpkin colored frame was not first choice since I always go for a dark wood, but the more I thought about it ......  so I changed the order.  I question and doubt everything, wondering if it's another quirk of menopause or was I always like this.  I can't remember.  So for those of you interested in how they did, the frame is perfect.  As for mounting the work itself, I can't comment since I did my own.   Staples were used and he didn't shoot them into the linen.  I noticed a tiny piece of something on the light linen that should have been blown off and as soon as we got in the car, Mark said, "you're taking it apart aren't you", to which I replied with a look he clearly understands after 42 years.  Museum glass is very tricky and the interior side's coating can scratch, or leave fingerprints so I won't touch it.  The price for the  9" x 9 1/2" frame and Museum glass was $69 -   $45.90 frame, $4.50 for spacers, $3 for acid free back board, $15 for Museum glass with coupon or $5 for regular.  I also bought a large piece of acid free foam board with 40% off.  A similar frame for a smaller 5 x 7 piece at my local shop will be close to that.  I found several online framers that are reasonable and may take a chance ordering a few that way.      
I've read articles on using stainless steel pins for mounting and how the magnets we use to find dropped pins, do not work on stainless.  Well, looky here.    Every pin in this new box jumped on to the magnet, which is a strong one, but they also stuck to a fridge magnet.  Yes there is a magnetic stainless which I thought was only used in specific industrial applications.  My few older pins are not magnetic, neither are the ones in men's new dress shirt collars, and why would framers mention the lack of magnetic properties?   It states stainless on the package and  I wrote to them but haven't heard back. 
I'm sure you're all familiar with the greatest curtain catalog, Country Curtains, and when I received my latest issue I found sheers in a gingham check (which mom would have loved) and these Parisian Note panels and valances.  Neat!  Not for me, but neat!  They have the nicest selection and quality materials.

I mentioned that I should be offering a thank you gift for reaching 400 followers and haven't made a decision on that yet but will soon.  There's that word again - decision.  You have no idea how many days I've wasted on the $#%@ kitchen.  I need a pill!!!  That's it.  I can't believe it's Labor Day.  NOOO!!!!  I don't want summer to end but I can see the dying flowers and leaves cluttering the yard.  
Cool nights.  Darkness coming earlier each week.  Say it ain't so.
Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy the week - talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

I love the frame moulding you selected for Eunice! It compliments your piece and stitching very well! Would you know the details (company/manufacturer, model number) of the moulding?

Robin in Virginia
rlbrowninva @

Katherine said...

Love that frame on that piece. Beautiful. I had always been told that museum glass was not worth the expense; it sounds like you proved that correct. Yes, days getting shorter! I noticed yesterday that the sumac has changed from green to orange. That's a sure sign that cooler weather's comin'.

Krista said...

Love how Eunice turned out, and beautiful frame selection! :)

Laurie in Iowa said...

The frame for Eunice looks wonderful. I use museum glass on all my repro samplers. It's worth every penny it costs for the clarity of the stitching. We have so much dust where I live that I need to put glass on any piece that I plan to hang permanently.
My framer charges around $10 more for museum glass... I was very surprised when you wrote it cost 3x the amount for museum glass where you live.

Cathy Pavlovich said...

Love your finished piece and the framing is just beautiful. Thanks for the hint about the pins. And that curtain valance would look great in my craft room. Hmmmm.

Vickie said...

Beautiful frame! Love it!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Marly, I also love the color off the frame, I`m not a dark wood kinda gal,tee hee. Eunice looks beautiful in it to, the color comes out so pretty. Great pin tip, enjoy the long weekend, Blessings Francine.

Margaret said...

Eunice is really pretty -- love the frame! I didn't realize stainless pins aren't magnetic. Interesting that you found some that are. As for that glass, there's some glass or other that my LNS advertises -- It's expensive, but there is literally no reflection off it. It looks perfectly clear. They have a sample of it that you can examine and it's amazing. But expensive. lol! I think it's a step above the museum glass?? Not sure. I do love Country Curtains. Might have to order new curtains for my DD's old room soon. :D :D

Joy said...

Love the frame on Eunice and the price tag sounds quite reasonable. I'm glad you are pleased. Still not convinced MG is worth the money. I'll stick to my nonglare and no curtain home:) Love your posts...hope the wrist is well.

Oh and next time let HL redo it! MG is very tricky to work with.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Marly, I love the frame you chose. And, oh, this menopause - what a pain! The last few years I have been so weepy and moody and able to cope with things less well then I used to do. I prefer being on a more even keel. So, I feel for you, sister!

Carol said...

Love the frame, Marly--and I think that price is pretty reasonable. I wish our Hobby Lobby was closer--I should give them a try with my framing. I certainly have a pile of finishes just waiting to see the light of day!

I'm with you on the decisiveness thing--it is getting harder and harder! Are we doomed to be this way for the rest of our lives?

Rebecca said...

Love the pumpkin frame around Eunice. I think it really sets of your stitching.
I haven't done any research yet on it but my framer that went out of business stated she uses a conservation tape for mounting that was approved archivally by the library of congress.
I'll see what I can find out and get back to you.

Lanie said...

Hi Marly, "Eunice" looks absolutely beautiful in her pumpkin-colored frame! I love her! I think she is certainly worth everything she put you through...hope you feel that way, too!
I stopped putting glass over my reproduction samplers (hope I don't one day live to regret that). But am always interested in the opinions everyone has to the various glass options available.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
Love the frame!
Oh, the days are changing much too quickly! It is now dark when I walk the dog in the morning and at night. The motion light is starting to come when I get to work. What the heck happened to June, July and August??? I am so not ready for fall.
Hugs :)

Barb said...

I think Eunice looks wonderful in her frame!! I have never used museum glass. I didn't realize how expensive it is.

Chris said...

Eunice looks wonderful.
I like the cooler weather but I don't like leaving the house in the morning when it is dark :(

Isobel -Argante- said...

I love Eunice frame!!!
Good work!

Anonymous said...

Eunice's frame is perfect -- brings out the colors in the sampler. I always use museum glass as it has UV protection. It's worth the cost not to have your needlework faded from the sun. Barbara, vasampler

Patty C. said...

Love your finish ;)

Mindi said...

I like using conservation glass with a UV coating just to prevent fading. Not as expensive as museum glass, but good enough for me since even with the UV coating I won't hang my pieces in direct sunlight.

Pure stainless steel won't be magnet at all. For various reason (to add strength or cut down on cost) some alloys are added in which is why the pins stick to the magnet.

Deb on the Cumberland Plateau said...

Eunice is so pretty! The frame is the perfect compliment to her. As for the pins, I always thought bare would magnetise any type of needle or pin out there! Heh. Love your needlework :)

Deb on the Cumberland Plateau said...

Arrgghhh! Bare wood!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

The frame is PERFECT. The color and style was meant for your sampler...A perfect marriage.
Thanks a bunch for the 'Heads up' on st stl pins.
Hope you are doing lots better with your bum wrist.


Simple Pleasure said...

When it's right, IT'S made the perfect choice for Eunice. I, too, agonize over the end, I'm happy with the result and I've hurt no one!
Busy Hands...Happy Heart
P.S. I would have taken the framing apart to remove that speck, too...YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Penny said...

I love the pumpkin colored frame with Eunice! I used to get the Country Curtains catalog. You just reminded me of what I was missing. :) Always enjoy your posts - so many interesting things!

Ginny said...

The frame you chose is great. It's lovely coloration sets off the sampler very well. Too bad about the glass, though. I don't frame with glass, although I did have glass cut for a wedding gift I stitched earlier this year. Those curtains remind me of fabric my daughter chose for curtains I made for her and her husband. Not my style, but totally hers!

TheCrankyCrow said...

GORGEOUS frame for Eunice....You chose ever so wisely Miss Marly.

Alas, the decision dilemma. I can so relate. I used to make what many would call "important" decisions all the time - and in a heartbeat....Now, even the smallest - like what to eat for lunch - seem to paralyze me. If you find a cure, let me know.

Yes, the days are getting shorter. I adore fall, but do hate to say good-bye to summer. I can no longer get all my watering in in between the time when the sun goes down enough to start and when it is too dark to water. It is then, even though the temps may be in the 90's, that I know I have to begin my good-byes. :o( Robin

Suzanne said...

Love Eunice, the frame makes the orange thread in the sampler really pop!

Great curtains.

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