Sep 18, 2012

Gluing 101

Greetings.  It's rainy and dark today, still fairly warm but that will change tomorrow.  I gave in to Fall crap and bought a pumpkin.  Well,  I bought more than one and also a few mums.  They're out front and I'm liking the lime green sweet potato vine with the orange.  Yes, I'm still hanging on to summer plants including the marigolds here.  I usually pot some in yellow and orange and when fall rolls around, I try to pass them off as mums.  Close enough.  But I couldn't pass up the beautiful rust ones I found for $3.99.
I know this will probably get a few (or more) stitchers upset, but I was working with glue today and thought I would show how I close seams when I choose not to stitch.  First off, I didn't take a photo of the actual amount of glue.  I spotted the red/brown Dove chocolate bag and lost my train of thought for a moment.  A tiny amount spread evenly is all that you need of Liquid Stitch.  I've tried other fabric glues but still prefer this brand since it's very tacky and grabs quickly.  Even after several minutes, you can still reopen if needed to adjust. 
When you close the seam and press gently, if you don't have batting or interfacing behind the fabric it will sometimes grab the outside layer. There will be a little indentation like this.

Pinch the seam and kind of roll the fabric until it's loose and not attached.  You won't hurt the glued seam and you can easily pinch it shut again if it should come open.  So here's the seam.
If stuffing is not to the edge, take a long strong and sharp needle and insert at an angle into the fabric.
Twist or rotate the needle towards the seam.  I also do this for corners when needed.  The needle grabs some of the stuffing and moves it to the area.  Not a lot, but enough to fill any voids.  It's usually not necessary when using the thick batting because it will stay in place right to the edge.  You already know this, but I'm covering all the bases. 
Now you're probably wondering what the heck I was gluing. 
By now, you know that I can never leave well enough alone.  In fact, I started making a few more.  I just love fabric.  I've been buying fat quarters in such beautiful prints, but they are not something I would use on the backs of more primitive stitchery, so I'm working on pincushions.

And on this day, 75 years ago, Dominic wed Stella. My Aunt Kay, dad's sister, is next to mom, and mom's sister Jenny is in the middle. They were married 65 years when dad passed.

So that's it. I'm making smoked pork chops with mom's scalloped potatoes from scratch.  You know how it was - no one ever measured - so it's usually different every time.  No cheese in these, just the milk, flour, butter, onions, and black pepper.  So good.
Welcome to new followers!  I thank you all for reading and wish you a wonderful day.

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