Sep 16, 2012

When is that pill coming out?

Hi everyone.  I just don't understand why we have a pill for every possible ailment and disorder except for that pesky decision making.  And BTW, spellchecker still hasn't put menobrain or hysterectobelly into their files.  No one listens to me.  This change isn't as much of being indecisive as it is for aesthetics.   Beside the point.  I still want a pill.  I did two rows of the 503 and thought it was too bright.  Yes, it's soft and medium toned but it looked bright against those muted threads. 
Is it still there?  No.  Lots of stitch removal.
And I have to say, the Uncle Bill's tweezers that Carole send to me made it a lot easier.  No leftover fuzz and twice as quick to remove.  I owe her for this help, so I made this heart pincushion with a crushed shell strawberry.  Hope she likes it.  I used to make items like this and took most into the needlework shop of years ago.  Back then (25 years ago) I tried a few patchwork quilted hearts but didn't enjoy the work involved so put a price of $2 on each just to get rid of them.  The next day, the owner called and told me she had taken an order for 40 of them to use as favors for a birthday party.  Yikes!!  My mistake for not making it clear they were one of a kind and not priced for orders.  The lady was a good customer and wanted each to be different.  Since it was my fault I had no choice but to oblige.  Lesson learned.
Got off track there.  Here's Mary as of last night.  When I removed the 503 I also removed all the offending blue.  Another mistake I made originally was testing 3768 which is a little darker than 926, thinking the latter would be too light.  I should have tested both because that slight difference made it work.  926 it is, sticking with a blue like Mary's original work.  Next will be to change the gold to a lighter shade.  That will be the end, and worth the hassle to be pleased. 
One more thing that was brought up in my comments ~
Yes I did get mentioned in Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine!  I am grateful for the honor and found that my local JoAnn carries it.  Lots of great information and sources, published 6 times a year.  Their website has downloads for patterns in addition to helpful information at the bottom of the page from previous issues.  That's where I found an article I printed for Stitching Over One.  Simple and just one page to keep with the charts since some things refuse to stick in my mind and I need referral notes.  I can still remember all my friends' phone numbers from school, but need refreshers for stitching!   I found a nice article with photos on Needlework Shop Travel Guide.  In the free projects, I was tickled to find a product that is totally new to me. DMC's Soluble Canvas.  I found a video on You Tube showing a project for stitching a design onto a jacket using this and I've already come up with a few ideas.  So I've learned some things and found a product I didn't know existed and this is just from their website, so check out the entire magazine and see what you think!  How did I not know about this soluble stuff??  I see it's available through online shops and also on Amazon, but I usually browse for charts and never think to look at other products.  Well that answers my question, doesn't it.
It's warm today, the boys are outside tussling, and I plan to sit out there and stitch this afternoon since it will be chilly this week.  Husband is making Greek spaghetti before the Steelers come on so I hope to get quite a bit done.
Welcome to new followers, thanks again for participating in my offer (I have a few more I'm trying to get ready), and for taking time to visit!  Stay safe.

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