Sep 28, 2012

Jingles coming your way

Good evening all.  I feel badly about not being able to send everyone a few bells.  Seems like they are hard to find across the country.  I checked today and except for the large ones, sold out!  Ebay has a nice assortment and even multiple sizes in one package.  The winner is pj in Iowa.  Email your address to me pj and your postal carrier will be delivering with bells on!
Thank you again for your well wishes, the leg is doing fine.  The wrist, terrible.  Something is radically wrong and I heard a little snap that brought me to my knees yesterday.  I can't go into the MRI tube and I don't consider a little side slit to be "open".  Why can't I lay outside the machine and stretch my arm in?  Anyway,
 I bought another pumpkin - 55#er.  Yep, it's big.  And I hung a large gourd on the door, an added another mum.  This does NOT mean I am happy about fall.  I just hate being left out.

I painted a few safety pins with the Flat Brown I talked about.  They aren't rusted, but good enough.  I just spray lightly in every possible direction and only had a problem one time with the paint remaining tacky so I don't know if it was the pins or the paint.  Adding a final coat of a clear satin finish really helps with the pins going smoothly through fabric.  ????  Did I ever look to see if that color comes in a satin?  Nope.  Better check.
 That's it.  Can't type very long ~ the 4 hours are up and I'm ready for more Advil.  Thank you for visiting with me and participating once again.  I have a few other things planned!!!  And I still want to talk about how my needlework has changed but that would take forever with one hand typing.  Maybe next time!!
Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

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