Sep 26, 2012

Decision made - move down

Howdy.  As you can tell, I've had the blues about Mary.  I want to move on to Pumroy and thought Mary would be quick stitch.  And she should have been.  Still not happy with the blue and haven't decided if it will change.  So I've moved down.  I visually counted and also ran a thread for a more accurate count and I am in the correct row.  This bottom area of motifs is charted in the square, not on the line, which is why I moved 3 threads from my checkpoint.  That entire verse area is one thread over between letters instead of two and now I will be back to normal.  Well... the stitching anyway.
I had one of those days Monday of playing lost and found.  Problem is, most of the lost have remained so.  I had two perfectly shaped pears sitting on my counter waiting to be poked with cloves.  The raccoon had them last night because they turned bad ~ still haven't found my cloves.  I needed Scotch tape when I was working on boxes so went up to the craft room for a new roll.  Spotted that red/brown bag and grabbed some chocolate, decided to go into the bedroom for my painting sweatshirt, saw the compression stocking for my next day surgery, remembered we needed toilet paper in the bath downstairs, caught a glimpse of my fat quarters as I headed for the stairs.   The tape never made it to the kitchen, the toilet paper was left in the craft room, the Dove chocolate was on the dresser in the bedroom, the stockings were in the closet where the TP was, the fat quarters made it downstairs, and I still haven't found the sweatshirt.  Do you know how many trips up and down the steps I made to discover where I had left these items?  On top of it all, I had a box label in my hand on the very first trip for tape, didn't realize it, and later found it under the Dove bag.  Since I didn't even know I was carrying it, I had no idea where it had gone and tore the kitchen apart looking for it.  The cloves are still missing, and so is the pincushion I made for Carol that I showed recently, which is why I was looking through the fabric again.   My rooms are small, my house is not big, but my distraction quotient is obviously vast.
Thanks for the comments about my little Halloween tree.  It's made of wire, which you can do yourself by twisting multiple gauges to form a trunk. Twist additional wire strands together and then up the trunk and out at various levels to form twisted limbs.  I am sorry my pin oak tree is gone (and don't remember the details) because it was perfect for ornaments.  Apple limbs (including ornamental crabs) are the craggiest and best but they don't last forever like the oak.  These are a few dead ones I took off trees the other day.   Perfect for stitched ornaments of all sizes.
 And thank you also for the well wishes for the leg zapping.  Didn't go as smoothly as it should have.  They ran into an area of the vein that was constricted and couldn't get through.  So.  They made another entry point in the thigh and it happened to be at a nerve cluster.  I have to say it was unnerving, but not painful, to feel something moving in my leg.  The fluid injections to numb and protect surrounding tissue from the laser's heat were directly into the vein up and down the leg and not painless.  Not.  Very sore and pulling today and will be for weeks, but certainly tolerable.  The other leg will be done in two weeks and hopefully will be one entry point and a lot quicker.  Not a bad procedure to have done and hopefully worth it.  I had to stop somewhere on the way home to walk (necessary to keep moving) so Jimmy's Italian store was it.  Taralli, cannoli, Pecorino Romano, Asiago, fresh mozzarella balls, variety of olives, and 5# of ricotta came home with me.  My sister drove because I can't turn my head to the left for merging into traffic, and I am "directionally challenged".  I can get lost in town.  She goes everywhere and always boasts about her driving ability.  We're on the interstate and signs appears for three options.  "Where do we go?" she asks.  WHAT!!!  What do you mean???  You go everywhere!!!  And yes she does, but never on an interstate.  We took the correct lane and were fine, but my GPS came out of the console after that.
Drawing for the jingle bells Friday ~ sorry I can't help with rusty safety pins.  I have seen them on EBay (homemade I believe) but not at my craft store.  I use  Rustoleum's flat enamel in #214085 Flat Brown to mimic rust.  A light uneven and quick spray of black over it is added on bigger items, and sometimes I reverse the paint color to be the rusty brown over black. Their Multicolor Texture paint in #223523 Autumn Brown is good too, but the Flat Brown is the same color as true rust.
I'm done.  Must keep moving!  I can't take a walk outside because of the rain so will wander around the house for the required 20 minutes.  You never know, I may find some missing items.
Thanks for visiting!!  Have a wonderful day.
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