Oct 24, 2012

Dinner with gravy and pears for dessert - EDIT

Hello all.  Just wanted to show a few pears, a pear preview, and the recipes I mentioned.  I put the recipes in a jpg format so you can right click to save or print. 
Edited -Sorry!  I forgot the 1 tsp Paprika in the wine for the last recipe.  Copy is corrected.
 First off, Ariane from Les Petites Croix D'Ariane sent me this photo of her pear. She attached a charm to the top and hung it with ribbon - so sweet! And I pulled open my glued seam of the first pear with a little tug and re-seamed (new word) with additional stuffing. The finishing of Anneke (My Pretty Corner) that I showed in a prior post is what I tried to mimic but it's not quite as nice as hers, but better than I had originally sewn.

And this is a preview of what's coming the beginning of November.  Oh did that hurt.  November.  What the heck happened to October?  Or September?  The winter months better fly by as fast.

I'm waiting for my 8 new charts from Essamplaire and hoping they arrive in a few days.  I would have started a new project if it weren't for my changes to the pear.  Just like my kitchen design, I keep coming up with another layout or different color.  This one is the final, and of course, what I wanted in the beginning. 

The real pears are in need of cloves and starting to shrivel a bit so I better get to them tonight.  I've been asked quite a bit about making the dried studded pears and this is it.  Simple.  Bosc pears are all I've ever used, whole cloves, and leave a space between for shrinkage, usually a little less than the size of another clove.  Set them on wooden skewers in a plastic something-or-other and check every few days.  As they start to shrink, they become soft and you can sort of form them to shape, including flattening the bottom to sit properly.  At the same time, press in any cloves that are coming out.  It takes a while to dry completely so don't expect this to happen in a week or two.
Here's the two easy gravy recipes.  I've used a roast instead of the short ribs, but shorts are best.  Made the night before, you can put the liquid in the fridge overnight and remove all the congealed fat the next day.  If it doesn't work to click on the photos to print, I'll try again later.

   That's it boys and girls!   Gum surgery on the other side tomorrow so I'm packing my mouth with goodies tonight.  Hope you all have a great day. 
Welcome to new followers - thank you to all for visiting. 
Stay safe and stitch happy!
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