Oct 21, 2012

Berries for boxes and floss storage

Greetings to you.  Leaves are falling and I enjoy the workout of pushing that heavy leaf blower, but need Advil for my leg after.  Lots of appointments for the next few weeks to complete injections on the right one, and the laser surgery on the left.  Other people have so much more to deal with in both time and pain, that my situation is nothing more than an inconvenience.  Our married friend passed away several months ago and now his 37 year old son died.  To deal with losing a husband is enough grief, and to add the loss of a son is inconceivable.  She certainly could use a few prayers sent her way. 
Still no boxes!  Not even the tall single rounds!  I'm playing with what I have here and tried this idea on the small rounds.  I had planned on attaching pincushion tops and berries to a few boxes for something different so maybe I should get busy on that now.  I could use up the odd sizes while waiting for the shipment.  My question - do I leave the strawberry unattached or glue to the lid?  Is one enough, or two?  I think one is better.  I worked for days on these antique snippets and sure hope I get the boxes to put them on!   There's no way to get perfect clarity on the antiques, but they're pretty good. 

 I have Sampler Pear III done but need to stitch it.  When choosing the floss, I encountered my usual problem.  Look at these two. 

Now I certainly don't fault DMC for this since my floss goes back 20 years or more.  But what a difference it would make if I charted my old shades and someone used the current. 
This is my floss box - and yes, it is actually a cardboard box!   It's the template so to speak, of the wood one I plan on making.  I keep it in the bottom of my stitch hutch.  But I also have a bag of the complete set of the older DMC that I was to sell on EBay (decided not to) and another system that has new and old.  It's my warehouse.  When I can't find a skein that may be ????? , I go to these business envelope boxes kept in a wicker bin.  Clearly marked and I really like this envelope storage for extras.
I plan on posting the two easy recipes for beef and gravy this week.  SO good and SO easy.  I made this Pepper Butter with the Hungarian wax peppers we had left from the garden and it is one of my favorite condiments.  Spread on a sandwich, with chicken, kielbasa, good bread, you name it.  Fabulous. 
So that's it for now.  Instead of running out to squirt the woodpeckers (the original angry birds game), I am pounding on the windows and sure hope I don't experience a hot flash while doing so.  Replacement glass is very expensive and I finally have the left wrist's brace off - certainly don't need restriction on the right from pounding damage.  The wrist is still swollen, but one day I was putting on pants without the brace (I didn't sleep with it) and twisted it the wrong way.  I heard and felt the outside joint snapping before, but this one was huge, and it helped a great deal.  On the mend now!
Thank you so much for visiting - hope your weekend was great. 
Welcome to new followers!
Stay safe and stitch happy.
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