Oct 28, 2012

Is it life, or menopause?

Greetings.  Sorry if this isn't a happy I'm-such-a-sweet-gal post.  I'm not.  I used to be in my younger years.... wait ..... no I wasn't.  In my middle years......well, no, not then either.  Anyway, am I the only one getting a message that an error occurred trying to save the post with an option to ignore this warning?  This is constantly.  And after typing a comment on blogs, I click the publish button and a box appears telling me that navigating from the page will not save content.  So I click cancel and my comment disappears. Very few of my comments are going through. Am I just being aggravated by a gremlin in the computer, revenge for calling it the "old" one?  Or are you guys having problems too?  My new router is going off and on, shutting down pages, yet I'm connected.  I still can't open my mouth enough to eat normal food.  The only size insertable is the flat little Dove single, a mini Mounds bar, or any other flat meltable.   The antibiotics are giving me the seated cha-cha, if you know what I mean.  The woodpeckers are ignoring my screaming and pounding.  So is all of this contributing to the current bitchdom?  I think not.  All of the above are minor annoyances and shouldn't be causing the fierce feeling of wanting to throw, set on fire, or tear into pieces, any object in my path.  The flashes were becoming less intense and less often, which may be the reason.  Through all the years of dealing with this disease (yes, it should be classed as such), I have found that if the mood altering nasties do not come out in those delicate beads of moisture that drench my clothes, they are trapped inside and will work their way to the top trying to escape.  Therefore, the brain is inundated with the nasties and the only way out is through the yapping mouth, the fiery eyes, and the steam releasing through the ears.  In other words, you do not want to be the person that accidentally bumps me with your buggy in a store.  Enough said.
I'm looking at new samplers but can't decide what to start, let alone which linen color.  Don't know if a slump is beginning or if bitchdom is the cause.  Why am I not stitching Santas if I need a break from samplers?  You know the answer - I can't find them.  I chose two Prairie Schooler leaflets and had them set aside a few months ago but can't remember where.   As I was going through the samplers, I came across a few I will never stitch, one of which is Frances Eden.  So I checked EBay to see what the chart is going for.  Are you ready?  One sold 10/13 for $15 and another sold on 10/20 for $81.  That's right.  $81.00.  A week apart!   
This little guy has held on through all the stash reductions (not sure why) and I'm thinking of using a dark brown wool or fuzzy thread. (The "warning" has come up with every sentence so far - hoping I don't throw this laptop out the window before I'm finished). 
 I could also start a different Schooler leaflet until I find the others.  I had a giveaway of several Schooler Santas but those were extras, so I know they are here somewhere.  Lydia Hinckley is a quick project that I could stitch again since I really like that simple little marking sampler.   Hannah Way is missing too and when I find her, she will be done without her specialty stitches. Ann Greanawalt? Or maybe just start stitching and see what happens since I need to work up designs for new labels.  That reminds me - I found boxes and placed a large order although they won't be in for two weeks and I'm hoping they are decent quality.  There was a new size that I haven't seen here and I think it will be great.  It's the 6" oval which is the bottom box of the set, but it's tall.  Anxious to see it!  So maybe that's what I should be doing.  Whatever - I'll decide on something today. 
It's been raining for two days and the cats are driving me nuts.  They come in the house when I open the door, but panic if I shut it.  Two of the three run from me and will definitely draw blood.  Their houses are comfy and dry (styrofoam coolers) and they each have their own, yet Bud is cramped.  His adult son, Nitwit (Nitzy for short) insists on crawling inside and being with his dad, so Bud is usually hanging out.  I have Plexiglass sheets over each opening to keep rain from entering. 

That's it, I'm done.  Time to stud some pears and tidy the mess I made searching for charts.  For those of you in the path of Sandy, I hope it's not as bad as predicted.
Thank you for visiting and reading this whiny post.
Stay safe and stitch bitchy.

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