Oct 26, 2012

Pear finish and playing with pumpkins

Hello everyone!  What a beautiful day yesterday!  Very warm and sunny and wonderful.  Today is similar but the forecast is not good.  I had my first round of leg injections yesterday, finished my pear, and played with pumpkins.  Remember the flowers in my galvanized tub?  I decided to fill a few with pumpkins around the swings. 

 I still hate fall. 
I finished the pear yesterday and wanted to show you how I did the template for the shape.  This one is larger than the last design and needed another template for backing.  Here's what I do - even though you already know!
I either use a pin to outline the shape onto a paper beneath, or my fingernail or a stylus to transfer a crease.  I only do one side and then fold the paper to cut so that each side is the exact same.   
Holding it up to the light allows me to check the shape and also center the interfacing before fusing.

I'll say it again, these envelopes to hold interfacing with the instructions clearly shown, have been the biggest help for all my sewing.

 After sewing, I use soft sculpture needles to move the stuffing to the areas that need adjusting, and especially the closure.  The needles are really strong and work well.  I know - you know this.

I didn't use the Mylar since this size is standing nicely with just the interfacing on the linen. 
 So here's the new design that I will post for you the beginning of November.  I sure hope I can do one each month, and not run out of ideas.  I've already thought of the next two, but not sure how they will look since they are completely different than this style.   My friend thinks they are good enough to sell! 

And a few photos of the kits having a snooze in the sun.  Shameless, aren't they? 
I better get out there are get those leaves blown since it's clouding up quickly.   I didn't receive my new charts yet so I'm picking something from stash later today to start stitching.  Have a wonderful weekend - thank you for visiting!
Stay safe and stitch happy!

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