Oct 4, 2012

Mylar and Mary and a sticky solution

Hello to you! What a gorgeous day we're having in PA.
Sunny, breezy, warm, and colorful, with all those damn leaves. I'm having another ultrasound and mapping (fake tattoo!) for the left leg in preparation for the second zap surgery next Tuesday. With wearing the compression stockings, I found a new product. It's called "It Stays!" and you may already know about it, but it is a skin glue for holding up the compression hosiery. Well it works on just about anything apparel related. It's very tacky, clear, and easily removed with water yet holds very well and stays flexible. I decided to try it on my sling backs that keep falling off my heels and it worked great. A few swipes inside the strap held it on, and also worked on an annoying bra strap. Keeping a camisole from gaping open, spaghetti straps, men's socks, trouser socks, you name it. Great great product sold where you'd find compression stockings. On to Mary.
I'm making progress on the bottom area and have the people and a few birds and small motifs before moving back into the verse. I changed the birds from ecru to 3768 and the lions from the 316 (mulberry!) to gold 680. I plan on repeating that bird blue in the bottom design and I think the verse's lighter blue will work nicely so it will remain that shade. It seems that adding the darker blue into this area will really pull it all together. I'm glad I moved to the bottom because it really brought the piece's colors into perspective for me. Without seeing that area stitched, I think I would still be changing the verse's color. Not sure which blue I will use to complete the upper alphabet. 
Now on to the Mylar. It's great for ornaments that you don't want too puffy, or don't want to mount to board backing with the gluing and trims involved. It works for any small project, except usable pincushions. If you want a stiff unbendable ornament, mylar isn't it since it is very flexible. For those, the styrofoam or mat board is still a good option to slip inside.
Here's the steps I use when choosing to "insert plastic"! Trace and cut slightly smaller than the finished piece, bend to insert. You can bend it back to being flat if it develops a little curve. Make sure it is fit and not too large or it will make the entire piece bend.

Slip it in against the fabric with the seam allowances on the back side of the mylar so they don't show through the front if you're not adding batting. I chose to add fill - cut it to fit, slid it in on the front side, decided to add another piece to the back of the mylar, and you can see the difference between just the mylar and the two additions of batting. It's very soft and pliable but still holds shape.


So there she is. Slightly puffy, nicely smooth from the fusible interfacing, and not distorted because of filling.
I'm done. Gotta get moving.
Have a great evening, thank you for visiting!


Margaret said...

So how come you have gorgeous weather and we have yicky, humid, cloudy, rainy, ick? It was disgusting today! Anyway, Love how Mary is coming. Interesting about the mylar too. I would never think of using it for that purpose.

Barb said...

Mary and the pear both look great. Thanks for the advice on Mylar and
"It stays".

Carole W. said...

Very cool and I appreciate the instructions! I have your (by your nut dish) "tall hat pumpkin"'s father in my office ....I say "father" because
he's taller, with a taller hat,
but same pumpkin head! You have good taste!

samplerlover said...

Marly, your Mary looks lovely. Thank you for showing us the Mylar trick. Will have to try it. - Sandra.

butterfly said...

Thank you for the pear and showing the way you put it together, I just love it, thanks for sharing , hugs.

Siobhán said...

Thanks for the tips, Marly! Interesting about the mylar--I am going to have to try that! Even with practice my slightly stuffed ornaments still look wonky as all get out. Nice progress on Mary!

denise said...

where do get the mylar? denise[cheermom1954@aok.com]

Maggee said...

Mary is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the changes, etc. And the Mylar--what a great idea! Gosh, I really hate doing a piece on mat board! I think I may try this out! Thanks for that tutorial! Hugs!

Vickie said...

ooOoo! I am gonna try that mylar trick. Yes I am!

Karen said...

One more thing I love about blogging....we find out great new products (or old ones we didn't know about) and we share them. THANK YOU!

I love your new pieces.

Have a great weekend.

Deb said...

I never thought of using Mylar before but that seems like an excellent idea!

Krista said...

The color changes on Mary look great. Mulberry lions? I could not imagine lol! Great idea for the glue with the slingbacks, I stopped wearing those long ago because the strap never stayed up. Thanks for the tip! Enjoy your day! :)

basketsnprims said...

I love your new pieces, love the sampler you are working on. Best wishes for your upcoming surgery, I'll keep you in my prayers.

Scattered Threads said...

Hope you'll have smooth sailing and a quick recovery from your surgery Marly.

Your sampler is beautiful and thank you for all these nice tips on finishing.

I absolutely love your sense of humor. You and I can sit and stitch together. I know. I am glad you had a gorgeous day in PA, but I will come away from this post about "those damn leaves". ROFL. Love it.

quiltygirl1 said...

Love reading and learning!

Evelyne said...

Thank you Marly for this lovely pattern.
I made them immediately.
photo's you can see on my blog


Have an nice Sunday, Evelyne

Evelyne said...

Thank you Marly for this lovely pattern.
I made them immediately.
photo's you can see on my blog


Have an nice Sunday, Evelyne

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhh...the pear...and oh, it is a glorious one! Sweet trick with the Mylar...who'd a thunk it??? Such a great finish....you have me wanting to make pears now.... Wishing you the best of luck on Tuesday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And Mary is looking amazing! Love the colors you chose....when she's done, you'll have to show your version and the charted version together....)

Chris said...

Good Morning Marly!
I am sure that you are glad that that construction project is behind you.
Everyone's pears are looking great!
Have a good Monday!

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