Oct 10, 2012

Pink Paisley!

Hi everyone.  Surgery was cancelled/postponed until after Thanksgiving.  Thank you for the well wishes.  Since Mark had already scheduled the day off and they postponed last minute, we decided to drive to the outlets and I stopped at the quilt shop in New Wilmington.  The pink linen I'm offering has been really difficult to match with a backing fabric since it's a warmer pink.  In the entire shop, we only found one line that matched and it's Martinique by Moda (3 sisters) in shell.   Other fabric patterns with the shell background in that line work, but I think the paisley is something different.  This fat quarter will be included with the offer.  
Isn't it gorgeous?  If you don't care for this, check the Martinique line for a good match if you require a backing.
  I found this photo on Pinterest
 and  it reaffirmed my desire for unframed pieces.  Here I go again making some of you queasy, but I like how the bottom one is hanging the best.  Yikes.  Yes I know this would distort the linen threads.  But as I said, linen is very strong and when I'm saying goodbye to this world,  I won't be thinking about how my pieces will survive.  I want to enjoy my work, not preserve it.  When I showed you the way I hang samplers on large baskets (the mylar strip inside a folded edge), same principle here.  If the sampler is to be hem stitched, I would sew twill tape inside the top hem. 
    I've tried the 3M mounting tapes and they stick to the wall, but not the linen.  I'm thinking - poking nails through the ends of twill tape.  At the linen's top edge, machine sew the top and bottom of the nail tape to the linen with a basting stitch and matching thread.   With careful measuring for placement, I think this would work great. The nail heads would be hidden, embedded in the tape, no holes or strain on the linen.  The matching machine thread would disappear so it won't matter if I have the piece fringed or hemmed to begin with.  And no marks on the front to interfere with framing later.  You know......just in case I change my mind.   I'm trying this!  I'll let you know how it works.
That's it.  I've been working on boxes and will have a few for sale in the near future.  I've been waiting for more to come in for weeks and ........ still waiting.  Today I am hopefully stitching without a brace most of the day while I sit here nursing a minor head cold.  I'm having fun with pear designs and worked up a few more that need to be stitched, too.  Hopefully I'll have progress to show next post.  Until then, enjoy this week of October, with its cold nights and cool days, dreary damp rainy days, brilliant colored leaves stuck in the mud, dead summer flowers, woodpeckers drilling your siding for a new home, and spiders as big as a VW trying to get into a warm house.  Did I happen to mention I miss summer?
Hello and welcome to new followers - hope you enjoy your visits.  And thank you all for spending your time with me.


Carmen Sutton said...

Hem stitch the samplers and just use a pin to hang it on the wall. it won't hurt the linen and only leaves a tiny hole in the wall

Lanie said...

Hi Marly! I LOVE the idea of displaying samplers like that. I have some reproduction square-head nails that I think I would use.
BTW ... I frequently can be found "lurking" on your Pinterest ... love the things you find!

Vickie said...

Love the new fabric. You know I love anything pink. =)

Shirlee said...

Sorry about the postponed surgery : ( We've got those VW spiders trying to come in here as well. Some of them have succeeded & thankfully John has been the one to spot them & get rid of them before I came across them. UGH!

P.J. said...

Ooo, that fabric is sassy! Very nice! I have to say I love the primitive look with your display of samplers. It works with your decor. Wishing the best until surgery day.

Take care.

samplerlover said...

Bummer on having your surgery postponed. It is always a pain when they do they. You get yourself ready for it and then whamo they change it all. Hope they reschedule soon for you.

That's a pretty piece of fabric and can see lots of uses for it and I am looking forward to seeing Sampler Pear III.

We have spiders as big as VW's Downunder as well. I had one of my back once and didn't know it - Sandra.

Margaret said...

The fabric looks fantastic with the linen -- and I love paisley too. :D I hope you're not sad about your surgery being postponed. Ugh -- not fun. Looking forward to seeing more pears.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, I love the paisley, so pretty. Great way you hung the samplers, really like it,looks so primitive, yey!!! Sorry about the postponed surgery, more waiting, ugg. Bl;essings Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
Love the cupboard, LOVE the baskets and LOVE how the samplers look! You put things together so well.
Living near Lake Erie the spiders are HUGE, too.
Hugs :)

Simple Pleasure said...

I am sorry to hear the surgery was postponed...for me, there is nothing worse than getting yourself psyched and then told to reschedule. Hopefully, the retail therapy helped! LOL
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Deb said...

You know, I really love your way of doing things. You don't worry about what will happen to the pieces years for now - you live in the moment and enjoy them the way that you want to. I like that!

Barb said...

I love the way you display samplers. In fact you encouraged me to leave the glass off my Lizzie-Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler.

Chris said...

Sorry that you have a cold Marly :(
That fabric is a perfect match.
It's your stitching, and you should enjoy it the way you want to display it.
I hope that the stitching goes well.

butterfly said...

Love your new material matches just right .
Hope your cold gets better ,I have had one for a week, and it's raining here too. I also miss Summer we only had a few sunny days this year. hugs.

Solstitches said...

How disappointing that your surgery was cancelled. I hope you get another appointment soon.
Love the way those samplers look hanging beside the prim cupboard. The baskets are lovely also.
Gorgeous pink paisley fabric. It is the perfect match for the pink linen

pj said...

I like the idea that you want to enjoy your samplers in whatever way makes you happy!!! And so much less expense. I think your decorating is superb and thanks for sharing these ideas.

That pink fabric is beautiful with the linen. Good eye!!! pj from iowa

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