Nov 28, 2012

A few more boxes and the Beale finish

Greetings!  Hope everyone is doing well.  First off, the finish.
, If you decide to do this chart, they are a several errors but easily figured out.  One that I didn't see until it was too late is the top of the lion's mane.  There should be a green stitch to the right of the left ear as on the other side.  I followed the chart and after checking the photo, realized the error but it's staying. So now what?  The chart shows the  finish with a pleated ruffle and covered button in the center.  I would really like to create that soft, sensual, plump, curved shape that I love so much.  The donut.  Something tells me I will be purchasing a few tomorrow.  I don't know who invented it, but God bless them.  I really need to think about how to sew this because I would like the center open.  I'll probably be reinforcing with mylar to hold the shape without a lot of bulky fill.
The bottom area where the stitcher's name should be worked out nicely with two larger words.  There weren't many appropriate five letter words to balance with peace and I thought unity worked with the lion/lamb. 

 I chose three fabrics for the backing until I realized (about 30 seconds ago) that I would prefer velvet.  Piping would be nice too, but I have to wait until the frustrations from technology calm down.  This will certainly test my patience and I don't want to take any chances.
Remember no way Hannah Way?  She was lost for a long while but I found her the other day.  But what's next is designing the Christmas Pear and getting it stitched in a day or two.  Too much going on at one time!  I added this 4", 6", tall oval, and set of 3 to the box page.  Thursday will be the day for purchases and I'm listing the photos ahead of the sale because many of you wrote to say you've missed out before.  I can't take orders because I've had problems with availability, especially the 5".  I was planning on Thursday at noon, but they changed my injection and testing to 10:45 so I'm not sure if I will be home by noon.  I better say 7pm to be fair, just in case there is a problem, and I will open the comments to include anonymous readers for the sale.
Right now I better get out the graph paper and try to remember the pear design, or maybe just start over.
Have a great day tomorrow, stay safe, stitch happy.
Thank you all for everything.
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