Nov 27, 2012

The good mood is fading fast

Good day all.  Good mood - not so much.  I have wasted 4 solid days with labels.  Some were printed out months ago but the majority that I lost or transferred have been frustrating.  The colors are printing in awful hues when sent from the new computer.  I've wasted over $50 in ink and half a ream of card stock trying to correct the mess.  I'm done.  I have more blanks but I put them away.  If you are interested, check the Sampler Box page under my header.  I will open comments on that page for sales Thursday morning.  I may do more, but I really need to cool off.  The new tall oval is what I am interested in working with.  I would like to do strawberries for the top with simple alpha labels.  The photos were coming out weird when downloaded to the computer, Blogger wouldn't let me upload to post, and Picasa rejected half of them.  AUGH!!!  Some of the photos are a little off in color so if you would like another, just email and I'll take a few more.
 On top of it all, this is what I've been seeing in the mornings.  White crap.  And I was reminded of another reason I hate winter.  I'm nice and warm, a flash comes along and I become soaked, then I'm chilled.  Being wet in the summer temps doesn't cause a problem like the stupid fricking rotten frigid temps of winter.  But surprisingly, my mood really hasn't returned to the snarky wild woman my family knows well.  Really?  Anyway, I'm tired and going outside to burn a lot of paper and card stock, come in to a cup of coffee, and finally sit down to finish my wreath.  I'm glad I chose this design instead of another santa.  Love it.  I can also catch up on blogs which except for three or four, I haven't read for days.  Oh!  I have to work up the Sampler Pear design that was lost and stitch it before December 1.  Maybe tomorrow.  Tonight it's just me and Mary Beale.
Hope you survived the shopping weekend.  Thank you for taking time to visit and stay safe. 
Talk to you soon.
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