Nov 21, 2012

Face off

Hello world.  I'm still in a good mood.  Has the earth shifted on its axis?  Geez.  The sun is once again gracing my area with a beautiful day and warmth.  Aside from finding more outdoor chores to take advantage of the weather, I found a few more box sets, and returned the smaller ones.  Well constructed, but I wasn't pleased with the size.  Shipping to and from was more than the boxes!  These may be the last of the sets and I will probably be offering them next week as orders. 
Now for stitching.  I wasted the entire evening on the angel's upper body.  There are lines of gold in the dress that didn't make sense (to me) so I removed them and will just keep the straight line down the center bodice.  But I'm also having problems with the face.  Charted would look something like the left, and my changes are on the right.  She made end up somewhere in the middle.


This is my method for trying a design change before stitching.  I use graph paper that is the same size or an uncharted area of the original, and lay out the stitches.  Then I position it over the area to see how it would look.  Decision time is near.
Do I like the smaller letters with four words, or the same size letter as the other areas and just one word?  I'm thinking one.  The other side could be Unity, or Love.  After last night, I'm anxious to get this completed.  Her charts are hard for me to read and I had a heck of a time and had to remove the bodice several times before changing it.  Following details in a small area has always been difficult for me, even with multicolored highlighters, but when I can't seem to make sense of the placement, I just spin my wheels.
After the dentist this morning I stopped at the antique shop and found a few more pewter pieces and decided to bring this home with me.  It's been there for quite a while and had a bunch of horns and hunting gear in it.  I emptied it all out and really need to clean it.  My FIL's house had several of these nail kegs filled with old rusty nails but I couldn't lift them and certainly couldn't use my hands to remove the contents. 
I'm still having a few computer issues and Jamie, thank you for the great suggestion.  I never thought to just run down the blog list of ones I follow!  Here's something I can't figure out.  I have always clicked on your name from your comments and I am taken to your profile page.  I can't email, follow, comment, or see any posts.  I've tried everything and even searched under your blog name and nothing comes up.  Is it because you are Google+ or something?  Just wanted to say thanks for the great idea, but you are no-reply and I can't get to your blog!!  So I'll thank you here.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.  I'll be back Friday with the silk floss winner.  Stay safe!
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