Nov 23, 2012

Silk winner!

Hi everyone.  Hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable.  The winner drawn for the silk thread is Carol from Stitching Dreams.  Many times in the previous giveaways the winner did not have a blog, but Carol sure does!  I'm sure you're all familiar with her fabulous monthly bowl of ornaments and wonderful finishing ideas.  Thank you all for participating.  I didn't remember until this evening that I had changed my settings to not allow anonymous comments and I apologize for that.  I am loaded with spam daily and it was getting to be too much. 
Not much stitching happening because I've been busy with boxes.
I plan to have them all finished this week but there are so many I may have to do it through Etsy.  Otherwise, it may be too confusing.  The remaining sets of 3 will be available here but probably not the individual boxes.  I plan on stitching right now and relaxing the rest of the evening.  It turned very cold and s*** is predicted.  Can you hear my good mood shattering???
Thanks for visiting and to all who participated.  Hope to be back with the wreath finish in a few days.
Stay safe and happy stitching.
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